Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hamish and the Pond

Hi Folks

It is very pleasant here in the Lot and in Montcuq in particular. Woken at the crack of doom by HER because she was doing guardee duties at the Expostion this morning.  Well actually it was about 8.30hrs and very fresh and pleasant.

First job was to supervise HER feeding the fish in the pond ( after my morning abuluctions ) and got a very nasty unexpected kiss from a goldfish.  Should have known better I have been getting a drink out of the pond for years now and it was only a matter of time.

These  pictures were taken in 2005 so you can see I have had a lot of practice.  God wish the old body was as good now as it was then.

There has been much titivating in the garden old friends from Buxton arriving on Monday.  Well, they are not going to see any chickens are they?

Anyway to more pressing matters  might be going to Libos Market next Thursday and have a look at these 'er chucks. Upon reflection I think large ones might be easier to catch than small ones ( they are a bit nippy aren't they?)

Will report all next week and will see Josh too...... and all the other Garners of course.  


Hamish MacTavish.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hamish goes to Town.

Hiya All Again..

Well they are making a racket down in the town again.  I thought than when the fete finished that would be it but no.  Yet more celebrating not that I mind it is very pleasant sitting on the veranda with HER while she has a sip or two of the old vino and Jim is watching the footie.  Buddy yeh you guessed it is on his chair asleep.  It is hard to believe that he ever ran at all let alone ran very very fast.  We went down for a walk earlier and Montcuq is still heaving with tourists, I would love to know how many pictures are taken beside all the town signs during a single Summer.

I have not long come in from the garden and something is screeching in the woods next door.  Wonder if it is an owl - we had loads last year Barn Owls and also and family of Little Owls that used to sit in a row in the semi - dark on the telephone cables at the front of the house.
May get the chuck shed in order soon because they were out tidying the front garden and generally messing around with gardening stuff    Soooooooooooooo  maybe this means it will be cool enough to do the serious digging that has to be done first.  Not laying  ( hahahahah laying !!!!) too many bets though.
This pic I took tonight no flash- well you should try holding a camera with you teeth and then using one of my little short legs to press the knob on the top - it is not easy.  I am looking forward to a visit from one of my favourite little boys.  JOSH  oh he is wonderful and great fun helps me to get the fish out of the pond !!!
Here is a little picture of the darling Josh last time he came .  You could just eat his little cheeks they are just like apples.  He now has a little sister but it will be a while before I can chase her around the garden.  Here is JOSH.....
See you all over the weekend have a good one.
Hamish MacTavish

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hamish does the last rounds.

Hiya All

Found that picture of me in the garden.....general guarding the pond duties... Very important.  Gosh late one last round in the dark and off for a bit of shut eye.

Nighty night.


Hamish at Souleillou

Hiya Folks

Not much to report but  you don't know what our joint looks like.  You can't miss it it has a note on the gate.  Beware of the dog and the name of the dog in BIG LETTERS  "FANG".  that's me in case you hadn't realised. This is in January garden looking strangely bare and flowerless.!!!

Well here are a few pics there is a strong possiblity that I will be in all these photos I take my guarding duties very seriously....

The House, the patio and view and I have to include some sunflowers.  See ya tomorrow.

Hamish  XX

Montcuq on a starry starry night.

Ho ho ho.  Sorry I am late folks but a bit of merry making at Souleillou last night  Bud and I did quite well out of it.  Claude kept passing bits of this and that under the table  so it was worth hanging around.  Also found out that Buddy has been jumping the fence and going and getting gateau from next door.   I shall have to dig a hole as with my little legs jumping over the fence is out of the question.  BUT if there is cake at the end of it I must make the effort.
Hey did you see new follower Cally as we know her in Montcuq posh name Calene. That is a Russian dance isn't it.  Anyway talking of jumping now there is someone who knows how to jump.  Have not received any pics of Callie so I may have to go and get some.  This is the place where they already  have a chicken shed and I think it is Callie's job to look after the chickens while Phoebe looks after Callie and Jazz the mum has a sleep in the living room.  Ohhhhhhhhhhh doggie heaven.
 Can't wait to get our chickens although I have to say I am getting just a tad tired of keep saying that.

Heavens to Betsy we have Kitten now that wants to go on the blog.  Mind you she is really cute "Charlie" what a little cracker...pic here.

Well must get back to guarding.  Nice to see you Callie and Charlie..

Hamish MacTavish  X

and yeh we can have cats too on the website.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There is something in the Air

Hi everyone.

The rain has rained and tonight I went all round the field at the back of the house and managed to get really dirty.  I have heard that I am referred to as a walking brush.  It is much easier to get dirty when the grass is wet.

Don't even ask about the chicken shed. Apparently it is now too wet.  Hope these chicken things are not too sensitive or they will never survive in this household.  Been on the internet looking at the Maran things they are talking about.  Bit worried about them, they look as if they could really be in charge of themselves and I am afraid that is my job around here.  I have been the foreman for quite some time and consider the role entirely mine without question.  AND I work to rule  dinner breaks naps all part of the deal.

Just got an email from a friend of the blog.  Is this cute or what ?  He is called Charlie and has been rescued. oh sugar I just deleted the email - that's me too smart for my own good.  Will get the pics again and let you all go ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and uuuuuuuuuuuuuujhhhhhhhhhhhhh when you see the little treasure.

Well due for another sleep before I go to bed.

Bestist   Hamish Mc Tavish.....

Monday, August 24, 2009


Well what a relief.  Hi All,

The rains have come to Montcuq.  I thought it was very good the way they stayed away until the fair had gone.  Everyone so looks forward to these 4 great days of celebration in Montcuq.

Have not seen Phoebe for a while but I don't think anyone in Montcuq has slept for 4 days - all too busy enjoying themselves.  Us dogs have stayed indoors most of the time much too hot.  Gina's friend came today , the one with the alpacas and she said I could put the pictures on that Gina took of them when she visited last week so here they are.  Now these delightful creatures are such fun to watch.  They are very sensitive to noise  ( Unlike Buddy) and move in the most amazing way.  I will download a video when the website is connected properly to this blog.
So there you go I think you can see how elegant these fellows are.  She got up late AGAIN and then the thunder and lightning and then THE RAIN..... today has just kinda disappeared. But here is one of the pictures that I did not get to include in the weekend blog.George by the way is alive and well.  The crocs did not get him. We could hear today the chickens up the road, which leads me nicely into my next little story. You remember we have had an unbuilt chuck shed for ooohhhhhhhhhhhh about 6 weeks now.  Well I nipped round the back and took a picture of what it looked like this morning.  She will kill me if she finds out that I put the picture on the blog so make sure you don't tell her. I have put it at the bottom you know where the other picture was so hopefully she won't see it. !!    The grapes are ripening faster than we can eat them so probably will be giving them out as gifts.  Together with some tomatoes, plums and soon the Nashi pears got absolutely tons of them.
Talk to you all tomorrow who know perhaps they will do some work on the chicken shed...  But then again.
Hamish the Hero.

Home Page. (Hamish McTavish)

Home Page. (Hamish McTavish):

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hamish has been transfered to a Website of his own

If you can't find the followers or any other little anomalies please wait a few days and you will be directed to my new website.

Thanks  HAMISH

all puffed up and proud.

Can't wait to be on the website then we can really dance. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Everyone.

First of all thankyou everyone for a tremendous response to my email. Especially Patricia and I am really sorry if the email was not very clear. You can always get in touch with my secretary Gina at and she will make all clear.

And don't forget if you have a dog I want to know and will include him or her in the blogs. Now back to the business of the Fair. It is 10 o'clock here tonight and you should her the dingdong going on in the town. You would think it was the Olympics or something.

Went to town this afternoon got loadsa pics for you, but Phoebe could not make it. George HER human assistant was up to his neck in crocodiles ( must ring and make sure that he is still alive !) But I had a go on the rifles and nearly got on the Merry Go Round - not sure if my french was clear enough !

We went to the kiddie space ride and Buddy got a bit agitated as they started up while he had his back to them.

I also took a picture of my friend in the Mexican shop she is a lovely lady and I said I would put her picture on the blog so here it is.

The Cafe de Centre and the Cafe de Paris were all set up for the evening meal in the open air and everywhere was reserved. So better get a bit better organised for next year.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and I have put in a couple of videos to give you a real flavour.

Back to the sleeping on the settee , Buddy went out like a light when we got home.

videoThis little bit of movie I hope will be like being in the Cafe du Centre.. enjoy...... videoAnd this one is of the Rocket Ride and what a glorious day we all had. Warm and mediterranean.

See ya.....xx

Friday, August 21, 2009

Montcuq is Rocking Tonight

21st August 2009

Bonjour a tous,

The town is rocking tonight we can hear it from the house. Went down to the town earlier to get something fragrant to have a shower in from the Vet's, and the place is gridlocked. Bumper cars, fairground rides stalls, eating from the back of vans, general mayhem and nowhere to park.
I did not take my camera today but I have routed out some pictures from a previous year so that you can see what happens at the Fete. The one at the top is just before Sundown and you can just see the children's Space Rocket Ride in the background just at the back of the Cafe du Centre. This and the Cafe de Paris are very popular eating places in Montcuq Jim and Gina go quite often especially with visitors.

This next one is of Maxence our neighbours Grandchild, little cracker he is. He always comes round to say hello to me and Buddy AND the Goldfish. How daft is that how can you talk to a Goldfish.

This video is of the dancing that night with a great french band an accordian and proper french music and dancing. IT WAS GREAT..... Vive la France. Sorry the video leaves a bit to be desired but was just learning how to use a digital camera...

So I am looking forward to a date with Phoebe tomorrow at the fete !!! so we shall see how things go . I have not been able to get in contact all day today. So I guess she may be at the hair videodressers as well. Think that downloading a video is quite a long job so I will allow a lot more time next time. Don't forget if you have photos or videos of a doggy who wants a moment of fame get in touch with Gina via this blog and email or via Les Couleurs du Lot ( she deals with all that secretarial stuff ) and we will see what we can do. Could be quite good fun this.

Well we will see how this video works and then you can see us in ACTION well almost in action we are not as young as we were.

Talk to you tomorrow for the weekend posting


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chez Jane

Hi everyone.
I went down to the shop in Montcuq today but Max was not there. Soooooo I sent Gina up to the homestead this afternoon to get some pictures for you. These 3 reprobates will be joining our number in the near future so I guess you need to know who they are when you see them.

Phoebe sweety no competition I promise you although Missy has a gypsy type appeal. Well back to the photos.

First the ringleader. Max King of all he surveys, the homestead , the shop, the market on Sundays. Not the most flattering picture of this handsome virile go getter. Will try to seek out something more in keeping with his character.

Then there is Missy, who is just a little sweety who keeps things on an even keel when all three are doing guard duties. ( that means nipping round the back and having a go at Robbie ) You have to understand though, that today just like any other sensible dog today these three were all lying flat out trying to stay cool.

And last but certainly not least, is Robbie. Not the go getter that he once was and believe me I remember, but still handsome and gentlemanly and a real cool dude. He is getting quite old now but still has his air of grandeur. I decided he should be at the top of blog seeing he is in his troisieme age...

Oh! Just a minute who is that at the door. Might be Phoebe. Phoebe beautiful Phoebe now there is a cue for a song if ever I heard one. Will report back tomorrow who knows could be going out to the fete with Phoebe tonight !

See ya.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It is too hot to tango.

Well hi there......

So much for cooling down. Been to the vet's today. Got a terrible ear ache and it was worse when I got back from the Vet's. Still needed sorting out.

Hope Phoebe ( and of course her mum ) are doing OK it sure is hot hot hot. Or as we used to say in the canicule Scorchio Scorchio Scorchio. It has been clear as a bell all day today then at night in the direction of the Massif Central strange cloud formations appeared (click on the picture and have a look it really was weird) and then they promptly dissipated and then as darkness fell the lightning could be seen from somewhere down towards the Pyrennes but no accompanying thunder just distance flashes. The wind picked up and it was a dry hot wind. Reminded me of the the film with Gerard Deppydo Manon de Source where it rained but OVER THERE..............

Tonight the little green tree frog which keeps appearing in the kitchen appeared on the wall of the patio here is a picture.
I will be going down with Gina to Jane's shop tomorrow. Sometimes Max is in there and he is as stroppy as me . We get on like a house on fire. He lives just over the tops but is a regular travelling companion for Jane.
I will let you know Max's news tomorrow.
Hope you get more sleep than we all did last night.
Hamish.... hot hot hot.....XX

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hamish turns Troglodyte.

HALLO anybody out there.

Goodness gracious me . It has been so hot. I have only been outside to answer natures calls. They went to Cahors and did'nt get out of car except to get the shopping and go to the garage and I have to say I can't say as I blame them.

Whoa , did you see who has appeared on the followers, Yep Phoebe's mum, so I guess I had better be on my good behaviour. I should not have to try too hard as the weather is keeping everyone indoors at the moment.

Hamish none. Chicken Shed none. Progress nil !!! WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED.? On the other hand she has been drawing, did two more today. She has been very secretive just hope the pics do me justice.

Think that the boulangerie at Montcuq gets a good mention to say nothing of the la rue de la Petite Rapporteur. Ringing any bells...? If you need to know send me a note and I will do a special post explaining the story. Ps that particular boulangerie does a really good pain chocolate. AND last but not least the pics today are taken by her indoors and they are of the pigeon rescued outside the Halle de Grains on one of the guardee duties at the Art Exhibition ( which incidently closes on the 5th of September) Ugly little soul is it not?

Gina would like to know if anyone has seen him . He of course no longer has all that fuzzy stuff around his head ( least I hope not looked really daft ) and will probably be flying and causing mayhem with all the other pigeons. Not sure we should own up to that.
Oh and I nearly forgot. Jim wants me to tell you the whole story. This ere pigeon had a broken leg and mangled claws. It either crash landed or had an argument with a car. Anyway Gina made a splint from a cotton bud and in two weeks the leg was fixed although the main central claw was a bit dodgy. But he could fly and land on things so we assumed would be ok to go. While Gina was in England Jim kept putting the now perfectly healthy bird outside and he kept flying indoors again and sleeping on the mantlepiece. He was not a lot of trouble really. Then he commenced to go in the morning and come back at night for a nosh up and bed.
Now he has gone for good but Jim says you will know him if you see him because he flies with a limp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us hope it cools down a bit tomorrow.

Asta la vista Baby.... (Mexican?) hey that would be good wouldn't it I could go down to the cantina.


Monday, August 17, 2009

My Love is Like a Red Red Rose

Hi y’all

Well let's start at the beginning, thought maybe I could floor the beautiful Phoebe with a red rose - What do you think ? Any suggestions for wooing such a woman welcome. AND I don't think Gina would miss it if I picked it !!

Think I have got the hang of that American drawl now after listening nonstop to Rag mama Rag, pretty groovy stuff. We are so lucky living in this part of France. Did you know they even have Dog Shows (but I think I am probably past my best now!).
This morning outside the front veranda, we had flying school lessons with all the local young swallows practicing swooping and diving and general muscle enhancing exercises. Remembered the Camera little pic of that here for you.
It was really eerie here at about 1300 hrs. It was absolutely quiet, very hot and not a movement in the air. It reminded me of 2003 and the canicule – very strange. No hair cut the shop was shut now there’s unusual for France. So that will have to wait. We are all off to Cahors tomorrow so can probably get you some pics of my favourite town in France.
Well going to leave you now duty calls.

Bark Bark Hamish ( otherwise known as Oy you. )

My love is like a Red Red Rose blooming heck that looks like her mother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rag Mama Rag

Hi y’all
Well I am writing this blog to the strains of Rag Mama Rag, hey seriously good Mississippi Blues. They play the guitars (* ie many and various including a ukulele ) and a wonderful harmonica and spoons and washboard. For once they brought something back that me and Bud can enjoy. Last night was a bit of a do at Buzenac-Bas near Castlenau Montratier. They got home at 2.00 am in morning !!!!! not that it bothered me I was akip I don’t get paid to guard when I should be sleeping.

And so, really exciting news on the romance front, you know the stunning redhead sat on George’s lap on the followers well I think I have got a blind date. When it is arranged I will let you know. She is call Phoebe and she has other relatives AND they have chickens and a proper chicken shed. But there is a whole other story and one that I know you will like. See you tomorrow got to go and get a hair cut got to look my best for that date.

See y’all Happy smiley Hamish... XXX Just a few more pics of this really classy lady..

PS The chick shed has now been moved - not up yet though, to be or not to be fair they the meteo have given 38oC !!!!!!!!!!!!for Wednesday so I don't think that we shall see the chuck shed for a while.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hamish's Weekend Blog

Hi y’all
Well if I go to America I have to do that as well. Anyway yesterday was washday – MINE. Have to admit that I do feel a tad better, but oh what a performance shan’t be able to see or hear properly for a week. Well that’s the good news the bad news is she has flatly ( not Michael ) refused to give me two lots of computer time at the weekend. So update for yesterday and today so far. Nice picture of me clean !!!!!!!!!!! hehehe did’nt last long and you should have seen Buddy shaking cos he thought that he would have to be done too.

Well the sun is still pounding down here in the South of France. Not many visitors actually walking on the streets, all in the restaurants under the shade of the trees. Well she has managed to do one more drawing for the book so nearly there and I have pinched the first drawing that Gina did before the idea for the book. Scrappy little sketch but brings back happy memories for me of when I used to fall in the fish pool regularly get out and start again. Well that’s it for today. Dinner calls. Talk to you on Monday.

Hamish... X

PS Happy Birthday Maurice if you see this. H

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Sting Saga continues.


Well I know you are not going to believe me but yesterday she only got stung AGAIN!!!!!!! Oh the agony Ivy...... It was very hot again although quite pleasant till about 11.00hrs when the sun started to turn the heat up.
In the afternoon while we were sleeping see pic of me asleep ( Idon’t let just anyone see my like this!) Gina went to see a friend about some goat like creatures if we get chickens can’t see us getting one of those. Although she has been know to come home with the odd horse or two!! Well it was during this visit with the friends (names withheld to protect the guilty) that the latest wasp took a dislike to her. Thought for a while we would not get dinner. Silly me doubting my skills of persuasion and she decided to shut me up.

But the good news is the grapes are nearly ready, hanging on the vine in all their magnificence. Pic here too.
Well we shall see what tomorrow brings

Adios Amigos

yawn yawn all this doing nothing makes one very sleepy...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Harvest is coming in.....


See I am still practicing. No news on the chuck shed don't even ask.

BUT went fruit picking in the field and we now have 2 ton of tomatoes, 2 ton of plums, and 2 ton of conference pears. The Nashi's are not ready yet.

So the house reeking of cooking tomatoes with GARLIC AND BASILAC and she is looking very pleased with herself. Been on the phone bragging to Jim, who apparently has been wallpapering all day ( did'nt know anyone did that anymore! ) because it is raining in England again.

Last night we all sat on the veranda and watched the Perseus meteorites falling as shooting stars, wonderful on such a beautiful clear night. Also accompanied by the music from the town which is but a stone's throw away from here. We can just see the Tower lit up from the back garden. Sounded French but then it would wouldn't it we are in France.

Will report again tomorrow

A bientot les amies


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quick update on the chicken shed.

Hi y'all

Just shooting through. Chuck shed no progress - too hot !!!! I mean hot.


ps Picture of the Chuck shed at the bottom of the blogs.

See ya....................

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Much ado about Nothing

Hi Folks

Well me and Buddy stayed in last night while she on this warm starry starry night went to see a production of Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing. By all accounts it was very very good because apart from a bee sting on the lips ( got the ordinary way too much wine and a bee in the cup in the dark) she was in very good humour.

Lets hope there are no bees about on Sunday because they Jim and Gina are going to see Rag Mama Rag managed to get the last tickets !! Saw them at the famed Cahors Jazz Festival said they were pretty good. Do you know Cahors? Now there is a special town. Just like the Cafe quarter in Paris ( Pronounced Paree) and nice walks for dogs down by the River. They have promised themselves a trip on a boat wonder if they will take us.

Chick shed no change. SHE slept in. Anthisan and Antihistamine tablet for the bee sting ( to say nothing of the wine) saw to that.

See y'all if you get a chance visit Cahors great place.

Hamish McT

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hamish goes to France

Hamish goes to France: "."

Hi All

Buddy and I are now enjoying some cooler weather in Montcuq today. Only be 28 by the end of the day! Still with any luck Gina will have finished digging out the base for the chick shed and the sooner they come the sooner all this fuss and stuff hanging about to be put up will be out of the way.

Jim is in England at the moment helping Lisa put up her Summerhouse...... Oh Lisa is the daughter who lives in England. Apparently the sun has decided to shine there! instead. We have lots and lots of guarding to do . The PĂ©lerins (Pilgrims) and there are a lot of them carrying backpacks with a Scallop hanging on it. This is to represent St Jacques because the Randonnee is called La Route de St Jacques de Compostelle. We get a lot of fun barking when there are a lot all together.

The plums are falling off the trees with all that rain last night and the thunderstorm the night before ( that woke us all up).

Well that's it for now going out to inspect how the Chicken Shed is coming on.

A Bientot

Hamish XXXX

Hamish goes to France

Hi everyone.

Well the chicken shed is still not up then the poor old girl only did 4 barrow loads and got distracted and started tidying the patio up. But I have persuaded her to let me download for you one of the pictures that is in the catalogue of pictures for the book.

Hope you like It
Hamish Mc Tavish du Lot. X