Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hi Everyone.

First of all thankyou everyone for a tremendous response to my email. Especially Patricia and I am really sorry if the email was not very clear. You can always get in touch with my secretary Gina at and she will make all clear.

And don't forget if you have a dog I want to know and will include him or her in the blogs. Now back to the business of the Fair. It is 10 o'clock here tonight and you should her the dingdong going on in the town. You would think it was the Olympics or something.

Went to town this afternoon got loadsa pics for you, but Phoebe could not make it. George HER human assistant was up to his neck in crocodiles ( must ring and make sure that he is still alive !) But I had a go on the rifles and nearly got on the Merry Go Round - not sure if my french was clear enough !

We went to the kiddie space ride and Buddy got a bit agitated as they started up while he had his back to them.

I also took a picture of my friend in the Mexican shop she is a lovely lady and I said I would put her picture on the blog so here it is.

The Cafe de Centre and the Cafe de Paris were all set up for the evening meal in the open air and everywhere was reserved. So better get a bit better organised for next year.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and I have put in a couple of videos to give you a real flavour.

Back to the sleeping on the settee , Buddy went out like a light when we got home.

videoThis little bit of movie I hope will be like being in the Cafe du Centre.. enjoy...... videoAnd this one is of the Rocket Ride and what a glorious day we all had. Warm and mediterranean.

See ya.....xx

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