Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chez Jane

Hi everyone.
I went down to the shop in Montcuq today but Max was not there. Soooooo I sent Gina up to the homestead this afternoon to get some pictures for you. These 3 reprobates will be joining our number in the near future so I guess you need to know who they are when you see them.

Phoebe sweety no competition I promise you although Missy has a gypsy type appeal. Well back to the photos.

First the ringleader. Max King of all he surveys, the homestead , the shop, the market on Sundays. Not the most flattering picture of this handsome virile go getter. Will try to seek out something more in keeping with his character.

Then there is Missy, who is just a little sweety who keeps things on an even keel when all three are doing guard duties. ( that means nipping round the back and having a go at Robbie ) You have to understand though, that today just like any other sensible dog today these three were all lying flat out trying to stay cool.

And last but certainly not least, is Robbie. Not the go getter that he once was and believe me I remember, but still handsome and gentlemanly and a real cool dude. He is getting quite old now but still has his air of grandeur. I decided he should be at the top of blog seeing he is in his troisieme age...

Oh! Just a minute who is that at the door. Might be Phoebe. Phoebe beautiful Phoebe now there is a cue for a song if ever I heard one. Will report back tomorrow who knows could be going out to the fete with Phoebe tonight !

See ya.

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