Monday, August 24, 2009


Well what a relief.  Hi All,

The rains have come to Montcuq.  I thought it was very good the way they stayed away until the fair had gone.  Everyone so looks forward to these 4 great days of celebration in Montcuq.

Have not seen Phoebe for a while but I don't think anyone in Montcuq has slept for 4 days - all too busy enjoying themselves.  Us dogs have stayed indoors most of the time much too hot.  Gina's friend came today , the one with the alpacas and she said I could put the pictures on that Gina took of them when she visited last week so here they are.  Now these delightful creatures are such fun to watch.  They are very sensitive to noise  ( Unlike Buddy) and move in the most amazing way.  I will download a video when the website is connected properly to this blog.
So there you go I think you can see how elegant these fellows are.  She got up late AGAIN and then the thunder and lightning and then THE RAIN..... today has just kinda disappeared. But here is one of the pictures that I did not get to include in the weekend blog.George by the way is alive and well.  The crocs did not get him. We could hear today the chickens up the road, which leads me nicely into my next little story. You remember we have had an unbuilt chuck shed for ooohhhhhhhhhhhh about 6 weeks now.  Well I nipped round the back and took a picture of what it looked like this morning.  She will kill me if she finds out that I put the picture on the blog so make sure you don't tell her. I have put it at the bottom you know where the other picture was so hopefully she won't see it. !!    The grapes are ripening faster than we can eat them so probably will be giving them out as gifts.  Together with some tomatoes, plums and soon the Nashi pears got absolutely tons of them.
Talk to you all tomorrow who know perhaps they will do some work on the chicken shed...  But then again.
Hamish the Hero.

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