Monday, August 10, 2009

Hamish goes to France

Hamish goes to France: "."

Hi All

Buddy and I are now enjoying some cooler weather in Montcuq today. Only be 28 by the end of the day! Still with any luck Gina will have finished digging out the base for the chick shed and the sooner they come the sooner all this fuss and stuff hanging about to be put up will be out of the way.

Jim is in England at the moment helping Lisa put up her Summerhouse...... Oh Lisa is the daughter who lives in England. Apparently the sun has decided to shine there! instead. We have lots and lots of guarding to do . The PĂ©lerins (Pilgrims) and there are a lot of them carrying backpacks with a Scallop hanging on it. This is to represent St Jacques because the Randonnee is called La Route de St Jacques de Compostelle. We get a lot of fun barking when there are a lot all together.

The plums are falling off the trees with all that rain last night and the thunderstorm the night before ( that woke us all up).

Well that's it for now going out to inspect how the Chicken Shed is coming on.

A Bientot

Hamish XXXX

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