Friday, August 28, 2009

Hamish goes to Town.

Hiya All Again..

Well they are making a racket down in the town again.  I thought than when the fete finished that would be it but no.  Yet more celebrating not that I mind it is very pleasant sitting on the veranda with HER while she has a sip or two of the old vino and Jim is watching the footie.  Buddy yeh you guessed it is on his chair asleep.  It is hard to believe that he ever ran at all let alone ran very very fast.  We went down for a walk earlier and Montcuq is still heaving with tourists, I would love to know how many pictures are taken beside all the town signs during a single Summer.

I have not long come in from the garden and something is screeching in the woods next door.  Wonder if it is an owl - we had loads last year Barn Owls and also and family of Little Owls that used to sit in a row in the semi - dark on the telephone cables at the front of the house.
May get the chuck shed in order soon because they were out tidying the front garden and generally messing around with gardening stuff    Soooooooooooooo  maybe this means it will be cool enough to do the serious digging that has to be done first.  Not laying  ( hahahahah laying !!!!) too many bets though.
This pic I took tonight no flash- well you should try holding a camera with you teeth and then using one of my little short legs to press the knob on the top - it is not easy.  I am looking forward to a visit from one of my favourite little boys.  JOSH  oh he is wonderful and great fun helps me to get the fish out of the pond !!!
Here is a little picture of the darling Josh last time he came .  You could just eat his little cheeks they are just like apples.  He now has a little sister but it will be a while before I can chase her around the garden.  Here is JOSH.....
See you all over the weekend have a good one.
Hamish MacTavish

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