Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hamish turns Troglodyte.

HALLO anybody out there.

Goodness gracious me . It has been so hot. I have only been outside to answer natures calls. They went to Cahors and did'nt get out of car except to get the shopping and go to the garage and I have to say I can't say as I blame them.

Whoa , did you see who has appeared on the followers, Yep Phoebe's mum, so I guess I had better be on my good behaviour. I should not have to try too hard as the weather is keeping everyone indoors at the moment.

Hamish none. Chicken Shed none. Progress nil !!! WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED.? On the other hand she has been drawing, did two more today. She has been very secretive just hope the pics do me justice.

Think that the boulangerie at Montcuq gets a good mention to say nothing of the la rue de la Petite Rapporteur. Ringing any bells...? If you need to know send me a note and I will do a special post explaining the story. Ps that particular boulangerie does a really good pain chocolate. AND last but not least the pics today are taken by her indoors and they are of the pigeon rescued outside the Halle de Grains on one of the guardee duties at the Art Exhibition ( which incidently closes on the 5th of September) Ugly little soul is it not?

Gina would like to know if anyone has seen him . He of course no longer has all that fuzzy stuff around his head ( least I hope not looked really daft ) and will probably be flying and causing mayhem with all the other pigeons. Not sure we should own up to that.
Oh and I nearly forgot. Jim wants me to tell you the whole story. This ere pigeon had a broken leg and mangled claws. It either crash landed or had an argument with a car. Anyway Gina made a splint from a cotton bud and in two weeks the leg was fixed although the main central claw was a bit dodgy. But he could fly and land on things so we assumed would be ok to go. While Gina was in England Jim kept putting the now perfectly healthy bird outside and he kept flying indoors again and sleeping on the mantlepiece. He was not a lot of trouble really. Then he commenced to go in the morning and come back at night for a nosh up and bed.
Now he has gone for good but Jim says you will know him if you see him because he flies with a limp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us hope it cools down a bit tomorrow.

Asta la vista Baby.... (Mexican?) hey that would be good wouldn't it I could go down to the cantina.


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