Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hamish's Weekend Blog

Hi y’all
Well if I go to America I have to do that as well. Anyway yesterday was washday – MINE. Have to admit that I do feel a tad better, but oh what a performance shan’t be able to see or hear properly for a week. Well that’s the good news the bad news is she has flatly ( not Michael ) refused to give me two lots of computer time at the weekend. So update for yesterday and today so far. Nice picture of me clean !!!!!!!!!!! hehehe did’nt last long and you should have seen Buddy shaking cos he thought that he would have to be done too.

Well the sun is still pounding down here in the South of France. Not many visitors actually walking on the streets, all in the restaurants under the shade of the trees. Well she has managed to do one more drawing for the book so nearly there and I have pinched the first drawing that Gina did before the idea for the book. Scrappy little sketch but brings back happy memories for me of when I used to fall in the fish pool regularly get out and start again. Well that’s it for today. Dinner calls. Talk to you on Monday.

Hamish... X

PS Happy Birthday Maurice if you see this. H

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