Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Harvest is coming in.....


See I am still practicing. No news on the chuck shed don't even ask.

BUT went fruit picking in the field and we now have 2 ton of tomatoes, 2 ton of plums, and 2 ton of conference pears. The Nashi's are not ready yet.

So the house reeking of cooking tomatoes with GARLIC AND BASILAC and she is looking very pleased with herself. Been on the phone bragging to Jim, who apparently has been wallpapering all day ( did'nt know anyone did that anymore! ) because it is raining in England again.

Last night we all sat on the veranda and watched the Perseus meteorites falling as shooting stars, wonderful on such a beautiful clear night. Also accompanied by the music from the town which is but a stone's throw away from here. We can just see the Tower lit up from the back garden. Sounded French but then it would wouldn't it we are in France.

Will report again tomorrow

A bientot les amies


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