Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It is too hot to tango.

Well hi there......

So much for cooling down. Been to the vet's today. Got a terrible ear ache and it was worse when I got back from the Vet's. Still needed sorting out.

Hope Phoebe ( and of course her mum ) are doing OK it sure is hot hot hot. Or as we used to say in the canicule Scorchio Scorchio Scorchio. It has been clear as a bell all day today then at night in the direction of the Massif Central strange cloud formations appeared (click on the picture and have a look it really was weird) and then they promptly dissipated and then as darkness fell the lightning could be seen from somewhere down towards the Pyrennes but no accompanying thunder just distance flashes. The wind picked up and it was a dry hot wind. Reminded me of the the film with Gerard Deppydo Manon de Source where it rained but OVER THERE..............

Tonight the little green tree frog which keeps appearing in the kitchen appeared on the wall of the patio here is a picture.
I will be going down with Gina to Jane's shop tomorrow. Sometimes Max is in there and he is as stroppy as me . We get on like a house on fire. He lives just over the tops but is a regular travelling companion for Jane.
I will let you know Max's news tomorrow.
Hope you get more sleep than we all did last night.
Hamish.... hot hot hot.....XX

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