Friday, August 21, 2009

Montcuq is Rocking Tonight

21st August 2009

Bonjour a tous,

The town is rocking tonight we can hear it from the house. Went down to the town earlier to get something fragrant to have a shower in from the Vet's, and the place is gridlocked. Bumper cars, fairground rides stalls, eating from the back of vans, general mayhem and nowhere to park.
I did not take my camera today but I have routed out some pictures from a previous year so that you can see what happens at the Fete. The one at the top is just before Sundown and you can just see the children's Space Rocket Ride in the background just at the back of the Cafe du Centre. This and the Cafe de Paris are very popular eating places in Montcuq Jim and Gina go quite often especially with visitors.

This next one is of Maxence our neighbours Grandchild, little cracker he is. He always comes round to say hello to me and Buddy AND the Goldfish. How daft is that how can you talk to a Goldfish.

This video is of the dancing that night with a great french band an accordian and proper french music and dancing. IT WAS GREAT..... Vive la France. Sorry the video leaves a bit to be desired but was just learning how to use a digital camera...

So I am looking forward to a date with Phoebe tomorrow at the fete !!! so we shall see how things go . I have not been able to get in contact all day today. So I guess she may be at the hair videodressers as well. Think that downloading a video is quite a long job so I will allow a lot more time next time. Don't forget if you have photos or videos of a doggy who wants a moment of fame get in touch with Gina via this blog and email or via Les Couleurs du Lot ( she deals with all that secretarial stuff ) and we will see what we can do. Could be quite good fun this.

Well we will see how this video works and then you can see us in ACTION well almost in action we are not as young as we were.

Talk to you tomorrow for the weekend posting


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