Thursday, August 27, 2009

Montcuq on a starry starry night.

Ho ho ho.  Sorry I am late folks but a bit of merry making at Souleillou last night  Bud and I did quite well out of it.  Claude kept passing bits of this and that under the table  so it was worth hanging around.  Also found out that Buddy has been jumping the fence and going and getting gateau from next door.   I shall have to dig a hole as with my little legs jumping over the fence is out of the question.  BUT if there is cake at the end of it I must make the effort.
Hey did you see new follower Cally as we know her in Montcuq posh name Calene. That is a Russian dance isn't it.  Anyway talking of jumping now there is someone who knows how to jump.  Have not received any pics of Callie so I may have to go and get some.  This is the place where they already  have a chicken shed and I think it is Callie's job to look after the chickens while Phoebe looks after Callie and Jazz the mum has a sleep in the living room.  Ohhhhhhhhhhh doggie heaven.
 Can't wait to get our chickens although I have to say I am getting just a tad tired of keep saying that.

Heavens to Betsy we have Kitten now that wants to go on the blog.  Mind you she is really cute "Charlie" what a little cracker...pic here.

Well must get back to guarding.  Nice to see you Callie and Charlie..

Hamish MacTavish  X

and yeh we can have cats too on the website.

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