Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Much ado about Nothing

Hi Folks

Well me and Buddy stayed in last night while she on this warm starry starry night went to see a production of Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing. By all accounts it was very very good because apart from a bee sting on the lips ( got the ordinary way too much wine and a bee in the cup in the dark) she was in very good humour.

Lets hope there are no bees about on Sunday because they Jim and Gina are going to see Rag Mama Rag managed to get the last tickets !! Saw them at the famed Cahors Jazz Festival said they were pretty good. Do you know Cahors? Now there is a special town. Just like the Cafe quarter in Paris ( Pronounced Paree) and nice walks for dogs down by the River. They have promised themselves a trip on a boat wonder if they will take us.

Chick shed no change. SHE slept in. Anthisan and Antihistamine tablet for the bee sting ( to say nothing of the wine) saw to that.

See y'all if you get a chance visit Cahors great place.

Hamish McT

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