Monday, August 17, 2009

My Love is Like a Red Red Rose

Hi y’all

Well let's start at the beginning, thought maybe I could floor the beautiful Phoebe with a red rose - What do you think ? Any suggestions for wooing such a woman welcome. AND I don't think Gina would miss it if I picked it !!

Think I have got the hang of that American drawl now after listening nonstop to Rag mama Rag, pretty groovy stuff. We are so lucky living in this part of France. Did you know they even have Dog Shows (but I think I am probably past my best now!).
This morning outside the front veranda, we had flying school lessons with all the local young swallows practicing swooping and diving and general muscle enhancing exercises. Remembered the Camera little pic of that here for you.
It was really eerie here at about 1300 hrs. It was absolutely quiet, very hot and not a movement in the air. It reminded me of 2003 and the canicule – very strange. No hair cut the shop was shut now there’s unusual for France. So that will have to wait. We are all off to Cahors tomorrow so can probably get you some pics of my favourite town in France.
Well going to leave you now duty calls.

Bark Bark Hamish ( otherwise known as Oy you. )

My love is like a Red Red Rose blooming heck that looks like her mother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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