Monday, August 17, 2009

Rag Mama Rag

Hi y’all
Well I am writing this blog to the strains of Rag Mama Rag, hey seriously good Mississippi Blues. They play the guitars (* ie many and various including a ukulele ) and a wonderful harmonica and spoons and washboard. For once they brought something back that me and Bud can enjoy. Last night was a bit of a do at Buzenac-Bas near Castlenau Montratier. They got home at 2.00 am in morning !!!!! not that it bothered me I was akip I don’t get paid to guard when I should be sleeping.

And so, really exciting news on the romance front, you know the stunning redhead sat on George’s lap on the followers well I think I have got a blind date. When it is arranged I will let you know. She is call Phoebe and she has other relatives AND they have chickens and a proper chicken shed. But there is a whole other story and one that I know you will like. See you tomorrow got to go and get a hair cut got to look my best for that date.

See y’all Happy smiley Hamish... XXX Just a few more pics of this really classy lady..

PS The chick shed has now been moved - not up yet though, to be or not to be fair they the meteo have given 38oC !!!!!!!!!!!!for Wednesday so I don't think that we shall see the chuck shed for a while.

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