Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There is something in the Air

Hi everyone.

The rain has rained and tonight I went all round the field at the back of the house and managed to get really dirty.  I have heard that I am referred to as a walking brush.  It is much easier to get dirty when the grass is wet.

Don't even ask about the chicken shed. Apparently it is now too wet.  Hope these chicken things are not too sensitive or they will never survive in this household.  Been on the internet looking at the Maran things they are talking about.  Bit worried about them, they look as if they could really be in charge of themselves and I am afraid that is my job around here.  I have been the foreman for quite some time and consider the role entirely mine without question.  AND I work to rule  dinner breaks naps all part of the deal.

Just got an email from a friend of the blog.  Is this cute or what ?  He is called Charlie and has been rescued. oh sugar I just deleted the email - that's me too smart for my own good.  Will get the pics again and let you all go ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and uuuuuuuuuuuuuujhhhhhhhhhhhhh when you see the little treasure.

Well due for another sleep before I go to bed.

Bestist   Hamish Mc Tavish.....

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