Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hamish is on his way home..............

Hiya All

Managed to get a dongle or dingle or whatever it is called to contact you all.  This is Gaby she lives well that would be letting the Cat out of the bag .....

Gaby is going to be included on the gallery on the website.  She is yet another rescue cat ( living with Lisa).

Got lots of stuff done while I have been away and all will be revealed in the Book No2...

Really looking forward to seeing how those chucks are getting on.  Wonder if Jim has fixed up the Chicken Chateau.  Will there ever be any eggs.  All these questions should be answered soon.   Well g'day to you all.  Can't get onto the emails at Orange, but will be back in France in 2 days and should be back to normal then.

Hope the sun is still shining when I get back.  Till Wednesday. 

Hamish MACTAVISH.... returning hero  Ohhhh have I had some adventures.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hamish is off on a trip....

I am sure I can smell chicken food !!!!!!!
Hi Everybody

Armed with my passport and just a few dog biscuits, I am flying out tomorrow to a new adventure.  Will miss you all but this adventuring business is quite habit forming you know.
Might have to learn a new language and pick up some local customs - who knows.  I will be leaving on a Jet plane just as the weather turns rainy.  Jim has strict instructions to be gentle with the chicks even if Ben and George are nearly as big as him now.
Well have to go and check I have the right dog biscuits and book in online.   
See you all in October.  ( if I can get near a computer I will log in and give you a few clues !!!)

Won't be long now.The chickens have grown so much in just a  week !!!!!!!!                                        
This is a pretty good pic of the two cockerels and les jolies filles
Oh lalalalalal....

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Got to be quick.  Forgot to tell you.  Indoors this morning heard this tortured.  Aggurgllll0ar...or something of that order.  I think that George was doing a pretty poor rendition of a cockerel crowing....  See ya.



Hamish is quick on the computer

Hi All

Not supposed to use the computer on a Sunday night... BUT had to tell you about the bits of the chicken shed on the table,  It has crashed to the ground....

Got to go before SHE sees me on the computer...

A demain.



Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hamish nearly has a day off.....

Hi All
Sorry did not do the blog last night.  My secretary went out for the evening to Liz and John's to say Goodbye to Josh and his sister Grace ( and all the others of course, Chris,Nick,Adele to name but a few) and got home sent me out to check the chickens and went to bed !!!!!
Well I suppose all the excitement this week..........      AND, next week I will be off on another adventure with my passport but no clues you will have to read the books to see where I go. So although Jim is on Chicken Duty with Buddy ( who incidently is not at all interested in the chickens in case he looks at them and gets told off ) Me and Her will be off galavanting for a fortnight.  She says she will not be able to blog so if after Thursday you do not see the blog in there it will be back at the beginning of October.

So here are some pics to amuse :-

So the pics now show you the side front where the Chateau des Poules stands waiting to be erected then up the steps at the back of the house to the newly cleared area for the C des P which is sooooooooo near to being finished.  It has been backbreaking work for Jim but the rest should be equally as frustrating because believe me it will be done properly or not at all..

See you after the weekend.

Bonne Journee..



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hamish is Very Pleased.

Hi Everybody.

Yes here they are, PLUS ONE...!!!!!!  I was not allowed to go to LIBOS to get the chickens.  Apparently being transfered to a new home was stressful enought without me and Buddy getting involved.  But yes they have arrived and I was very happy to meet them and make clear all the house rules etc..  Well till SHE said get out of the way ................  Mmmmm ring any bells.

The dark one with the brown shiny feathers on his neck now that is the GIFT and I just know if we keep him too long SHE will  find a way to keep him. She is making silly noises at him already.  The other fellow is the spitting image of a Grey Maran Cockerell that we had at Ladmanlow he was called Ben.  I personally never met him but his reputation is still dining room table talk. 
 Now we feel we should keep on the Name because he is so like the original and as we have a friend called Ben and one called George we decided to call the Black Maran George. 

Say look a the legs on the Grey at the back of this picture you can tell that it is an adolescent.,.

You did'nt know that I even knew words like that did you?  Well I am taking a course via the computer and I think it very commendable to improve one's self all one's life.

The picture at the top was the best way to show you les filles.  They are so cute.  Make little mewing noises and scrabble and scratch and you should see them cuddle up to Ben and George it is shameful.  Don't how long this lot have known each other but they certainly do now.  Won't know they are born when they get in the field. Jim has done sterling work on the chick shed base and I heard them say they were going to fix up some kind of base to stop Mr Renaud from getting in.

So we progress.  By the way fabulous day again.  The sky is that impossible blue and there was a soft breeze......Bit of Quercy/Montcuq magic.

Talk to you all tomorrow.   It has been quiet out there since sundown but have to do my last patrol before I go to bed.

Night night

Hamish XX

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hamish OK's Today's Purchases for the Chickens.

Hiya All

Well Chicken Day plus one.  Roll on tomorrow.  The place is loaded with all stuff associated with having chickens, housing chickens, feeding chickens, Sleeping places for Chickens, laying boxes for chickens I could go on forever - can't wait to see what they are actually like.  Have been in yet another supervisory role today, ticking off and quality control of all of the above and many more things.

Just a little footnote for today, we lost our lovely friend Robbie who was getting very old and tired and he has now gone where all the good doggies go.  I am going to put him on the website as a friend with his picture and all as a mark of respect to this grand old fellow that we all loved very much. Robbie lived with Jane of Chez Jane.                   

                       Chez Jane Link

See you around Robbie, keep an eye on, from up there, when I am off adventuring the chickens at Souleillou.

Love to all

Hamish XX

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hamish and the Hams approaching Chicken Day !!!!!

Hiya my friends.  Bonjour mes amies.

Well it is all hands to the deck now.  Gina has been mucking about with chicken wire to stop Mr Fox paying a visit to the Chickens in their temporary accomodation and at last today the ground where the chicken shed will be is pretty much level.  EXCEPT the bit where the doors open  OPPS>>>>>>>>>>>>> still I am sure he will notice when the shed goes up that the doors won't open.

The South of France is having a wonderful Indian Summer the meteo has given temperatures in the 29-30 degrees range all this week and there is not a lot in the way of grass in a lot of the fields.  Saw some harebells up on the randonnee today.  Beautiful so delicate and reminded me of England.  Buddy says they got a lot on the old railway lines in Derbyshire about this time of year.

Well off to do the late night guarding rounds - will be really different when I have to include the chickens..

So have a good night keep sending your pictures of your pets to me I need names, ages and the verybest pic you have.

Night night
Hamish XX

This is where the chicken shed will be.(on the left of the picture at the top of the bank.)  Yes, Jim is up there somewhere digging down to Australia he comes out occasionally for a cuppa and then back to digging. !!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hamish is now supervising the .......

Hiya All

Yes it is true .   The chickens are definately coming on Thursday.  I am somewhat busy supervising the whole site , the temporary home till Jim has dug to Australia ( but probably quicker by plane!) and there is much general excitement.

Sue Glibbery who runs PoorPaws says I can put a link to her website on my website so don't forget to go and have a look.  She does with some help from her friends ( stirling bunch ) will tell you more about them when the chickens are truly in the garden., some excellent work finding homes for dogs and I believe other animals too, that need a little help ( or sometimes quite a lot of help) in that direction.  She has a Westie at the moment looking for a home.  But he speaks with a real french accent unlike mine still verging on the good side of dodgey.

Well just got time to put in a pic of Sue and a link for her website.  See ya    A Bientot.

Hamish, hoarse from organising the HAMS' who could not organise anything without me.  XX

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hamish has a Haircut.

Well have I got news for you.
I ave ad ze 'aircut.  Goodness gracious me what a performance.  I have had several photos taken and none that show the mistakes that she has made.  See following :-

Handsome eh !  modest as well....
Had to have my feet done as  well she does this business where she cuts all the hair out between my pads.  Very very ticklish.... Owwwwwww
But I have to say the results are quite stunning.  Not as pretty as the lovely Phoebe but then I am a MAN .

Jim is gradually disappearing into the ground digging away says the ground has to be level to put the shed on.  Field slopes somewhat but at this rate he is in danger of disappearing and the chuck shed if it ever gets put up - the roof will be level with the field.  

Just a quick hi to Rick, hope things start improving soon and when you get better you will have to come and visit.

Much love to all

Hamish XX

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hanish goes to LIBOS Market

Well Hi Everybody

I have at last got some progress for you.  They have ordered the chickens so whatever happens something has to happen now.  Five chickens and a cockerel . MARANS!  Poked my nose in the cage and the little tinker pecked it.  In the picture the Marans are the black ones in the cage with the Buff Orpingtons  and Black Marans are, you remember, the ones that look as if they can really handle themselves.

Got a couple of pictures and have done one up close so hope you can see the chickens.  All hell should let loose next week now !!!!!

The picture at the top of the page is at the market  and is of Lynne ( Phoebe lives with Lynne and she already has a chicken shed.) and Jim. Gina has gone rushing on ahead with me to put her order in.

See those black ones next to the orange (don't look buff to me ) ones they will be ours next week.  Say a little prayer that they get the chuck shed finished. 
She seemed a very nice lady that is her in the picture with the chickens, but I liked the little ones, but SHE wanted the black hens and I am sure I heard her say she wanted a Cockerel !!!!!!!!!!  and by the sound of it he certainly can look after himself.
Can't wait to get them home and show you pictures of them.  So I suppose we will all be trooping to Cahors tomorrow to get Chicken Food and STUFF..... and STUFF and then some more...........STUFF.  Hope there is something in this for me and Buddy.

Well will keep you updated with all this but we have two new friends.  I can't remember their names they are French but aren't they just the bees knees and I have met them on the way up to Phoebe's house.  Bit different and utterly enchanting.

See you soon

A Bientot.

Hamish. XX

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hamish has visitors from the High Peak in Derbyshire.

Hiya Everyone,
First of all apologies for not doing a blog last night.  I was very tired after a very busy day and a very interesting one.  Ruby and her parents and her grandparents came to visit for the day .  They were on holiday in Sarlat and ran down to Quercy Blanc for a quick visit to meet up with Jim and Gina first time since 1999 by my reckoning that is about 10 years.  They were neighbours from 1974 to 1994 which makes that neighbours for 20 years long time.  Really nice folks.  Much jolification. with Gwen and Arthur and Nathan, Sarah and Ruby.  Now Ruby was great fun nearly as good as Josh for tickling the goldfish.

What a lovely little family they are.  Ruby here with her Mum and Dad is colouring in some of the pictures from my book the FIRST book which is almost at the publishing stage.  Ruby thought the pictures were fab and did a pretty good job of colouring them in although I am not quite sure if Pink is my colour.

Later we had a chat with the fish Ruby and me and I nearly caught one.

I was having a really good time and then I had  to do the usual posing for the camera and this is one of my best side.( I don't think ).
Gwen the lady here is a really nice lady even if she has got hold of the scruff of my neck !!!

Oh well, good time was had by one and all and just as well because today we have spent most of the day indoors stormy and grey but I needed the rest.   Until manyana  Heigh ho......  See ya     Hamish  xx