Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hamish and the Hams approaching Chicken Day !!!!!

Hiya my friends.  Bonjour mes amies.

Well it is all hands to the deck now.  Gina has been mucking about with chicken wire to stop Mr Fox paying a visit to the Chickens in their temporary accomodation and at last today the ground where the chicken shed will be is pretty much level.  EXCEPT the bit where the doors open  OPPS>>>>>>>>>>>>> still I am sure he will notice when the shed goes up that the doors won't open.

The South of France is having a wonderful Indian Summer the meteo has given temperatures in the 29-30 degrees range all this week and there is not a lot in the way of grass in a lot of the fields.  Saw some harebells up on the randonnee today.  Beautiful so delicate and reminded me of England.  Buddy says they got a lot on the old railway lines in Derbyshire about this time of year.

Well off to do the late night guarding rounds - will be really different when I have to include the chickens..

So have a good night keep sending your pictures of your pets to me I need names, ages and the verybest pic you have.

Night night
Hamish XX

This is where the chicken shed will be.(on the left of the picture at the top of the bank.)  Yes, Jim is up there somewhere digging down to Australia he comes out occasionally for a cuppa and then back to digging. !!!!

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