Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hamish has a Haircut.

Well have I got news for you.
I ave ad ze 'aircut.  Goodness gracious me what a performance.  I have had several photos taken and none that show the mistakes that she has made.  See following :-

Handsome eh !  modest as well....
Had to have my feet done as  well she does this business where she cuts all the hair out between my pads.  Very very ticklish.... Owwwwwww
But I have to say the results are quite stunning.  Not as pretty as the lovely Phoebe but then I am a MAN .

Jim is gradually disappearing into the ground digging away says the ground has to be level to put the shed on.  Field slopes somewhat but at this rate he is in danger of disappearing and the chuck shed if it ever gets put up - the roof will be level with the field.  

Just a quick hi to Rick, hope things start improving soon and when you get better you will have to come and visit.

Much love to all

Hamish XX

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