Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hamish has visitors from the High Peak in Derbyshire.

Hiya Everyone,
First of all apologies for not doing a blog last night.  I was very tired after a very busy day and a very interesting one.  Ruby and her parents and her grandparents came to visit for the day .  They were on holiday in Sarlat and ran down to Quercy Blanc for a quick visit to meet up with Jim and Gina first time since 1999 by my reckoning that is about 10 years.  They were neighbours from 1974 to 1994 which makes that neighbours for 20 years long time.  Really nice folks.  Much jolification. with Gwen and Arthur and Nathan, Sarah and Ruby.  Now Ruby was great fun nearly as good as Josh for tickling the goldfish.

What a lovely little family they are.  Ruby here with her Mum and Dad is colouring in some of the pictures from my book the FIRST book which is almost at the publishing stage.  Ruby thought the pictures were fab and did a pretty good job of colouring them in although I am not quite sure if Pink is my colour.

Later we had a chat with the fish Ruby and me and I nearly caught one.

I was having a really good time and then I had  to do the usual posing for the camera and this is one of my best side.( I don't think ).
Gwen the lady here is a really nice lady even if she has got hold of the scruff of my neck !!!

Oh well, good time was had by one and all and just as well because today we have spent most of the day indoors stormy and grey but I needed the rest.   Until manyana  Heigh ho......  See ya     Hamish  xx

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