Monday, September 7, 2009

Hamish is now supervising the .......

Hiya All

Yes it is true .   The chickens are definately coming on Thursday.  I am somewhat busy supervising the whole site , the temporary home till Jim has dug to Australia ( but probably quicker by plane!) and there is much general excitement.

Sue Glibbery who runs PoorPaws says I can put a link to her website on my website so don't forget to go and have a look.  She does with some help from her friends ( stirling bunch ) will tell you more about them when the chickens are truly in the garden., some excellent work finding homes for dogs and I believe other animals too, that need a little help ( or sometimes quite a lot of help) in that direction.  She has a Westie at the moment looking for a home.  But he speaks with a real french accent unlike mine still verging on the good side of dodgey.

Well just got time to put in a pic of Sue and a link for her website.  See ya    A Bientot.

Hamish, hoarse from organising the HAMS' who could not organise anything without me.  XX

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