Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hamish is off on a trip....

I am sure I can smell chicken food !!!!!!!
Hi Everybody

Armed with my passport and just a few dog biscuits, I am flying out tomorrow to a new adventure.  Will miss you all but this adventuring business is quite habit forming you know.
Might have to learn a new language and pick up some local customs - who knows.  I will be leaving on a Jet plane just as the weather turns rainy.  Jim has strict instructions to be gentle with the chicks even if Ben and George are nearly as big as him now.
Well have to go and check I have the right dog biscuits and book in online.   
See you all in October.  ( if I can get near a computer I will log in and give you a few clues !!!)

Won't be long now.The chickens have grown so much in just a  week !!!!!!!!                                        
This is a pretty good pic of the two cockerels and les jolies filles
Oh lalalalalal....

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