Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hamish is on his way home..............

Hiya All

Managed to get a dongle or dingle or whatever it is called to contact you all.  This is Gaby she lives well that would be letting the Cat out of the bag .....

Gaby is going to be included on the gallery on the website.  She is yet another rescue cat ( living with Lisa).

Got lots of stuff done while I have been away and all will be revealed in the Book No2...

Really looking forward to seeing how those chucks are getting on.  Wonder if Jim has fixed up the Chicken Chateau.  Will there ever be any eggs.  All these questions should be answered soon.   Well g'day to you all.  Can't get onto the emails at Orange, but will be back in France in 2 days and should be back to normal then.

Hope the sun is still shining when I get back.  Till Wednesday. 

Hamish MACTAVISH.... returning hero  Ohhhh have I had some adventures.


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