Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hamish is Very Pleased.

Hi Everybody.

Yes here they are, PLUS ONE...!!!!!!  I was not allowed to go to LIBOS to get the chickens.  Apparently being transfered to a new home was stressful enought without me and Buddy getting involved.  But yes they have arrived and I was very happy to meet them and make clear all the house rules etc..  Well till SHE said get out of the way ................  Mmmmm ring any bells.

The dark one with the brown shiny feathers on his neck now that is the GIFT and I just know if we keep him too long SHE will  find a way to keep him. She is making silly noises at him already.  The other fellow is the spitting image of a Grey Maran Cockerell that we had at Ladmanlow he was called Ben.  I personally never met him but his reputation is still dining room table talk. 
 Now we feel we should keep on the Name because he is so like the original and as we have a friend called Ben and one called George we decided to call the Black Maran George. 

Say look a the legs on the Grey at the back of this picture you can tell that it is an adolescent.,.

You did'nt know that I even knew words like that did you?  Well I am taking a course via the computer and I think it very commendable to improve one's self all one's life.

The picture at the top was the best way to show you les filles.  They are so cute.  Make little mewing noises and scrabble and scratch and you should see them cuddle up to Ben and George it is shameful.  Don't how long this lot have known each other but they certainly do now.  Won't know they are born when they get in the field. Jim has done sterling work on the chick shed base and I heard them say they were going to fix up some kind of base to stop Mr Renaud from getting in.

So we progress.  By the way fabulous day again.  The sky is that impossible blue and there was a soft breeze......Bit of Quercy/Montcuq magic.

Talk to you all tomorrow.   It has been quiet out there since sundown but have to do my last patrol before I go to bed.

Night night

Hamish XX

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