Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hamish nearly has a day off.....

Hi All
Sorry did not do the blog last night.  My secretary went out for the evening to Liz and John's to say Goodbye to Josh and his sister Grace ( and all the others of course, Chris,Nick,Adele to name but a few) and got home sent me out to check the chickens and went to bed !!!!!
Well I suppose all the excitement this week..........      AND, next week I will be off on another adventure with my passport but no clues you will have to read the books to see where I go. So although Jim is on Chicken Duty with Buddy ( who incidently is not at all interested in the chickens in case he looks at them and gets told off ) Me and Her will be off galavanting for a fortnight.  She says she will not be able to blog so if after Thursday you do not see the blog in there it will be back at the beginning of October.

So here are some pics to amuse :-

So the pics now show you the side front where the Chateau des Poules stands waiting to be erected then up the steps at the back of the house to the newly cleared area for the C des P which is sooooooooo near to being finished.  It has been backbreaking work for Jim but the rest should be equally as frustrating because believe me it will be done properly or not at all..

See you after the weekend.

Bonne Journee..



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