Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hamish OK's Today's Purchases for the Chickens.

Hiya All

Well Chicken Day plus one.  Roll on tomorrow.  The place is loaded with all stuff associated with having chickens, housing chickens, feeding chickens, Sleeping places for Chickens, laying boxes for chickens I could go on forever - can't wait to see what they are actually like.  Have been in yet another supervisory role today, ticking off and quality control of all of the above and many more things.

Just a little footnote for today, we lost our lovely friend Robbie who was getting very old and tired and he has now gone where all the good doggies go.  I am going to put him on the website as a friend with his picture and all as a mark of respect to this grand old fellow that we all loved very much. Robbie lived with Jane of Chez Jane.                   

                       Chez Jane Link

See you around Robbie, keep an eye on, from up there, when I am off adventuring the chickens at Souleillou.

Love to all

Hamish XX

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