Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hanish goes to LIBOS Market

Well Hi Everybody

I have at last got some progress for you.  They have ordered the chickens so whatever happens something has to happen now.  Five chickens and a cockerel . MARANS!  Poked my nose in the cage and the little tinker pecked it.  In the picture the Marans are the black ones in the cage with the Buff Orpingtons  and Black Marans are, you remember, the ones that look as if they can really handle themselves.

Got a couple of pictures and have done one up close so hope you can see the chickens.  All hell should let loose next week now !!!!!

The picture at the top of the page is at the market  and is of Lynne ( Phoebe lives with Lynne and she already has a chicken shed.) and Jim. Gina has gone rushing on ahead with me to put her order in.

See those black ones next to the orange (don't look buff to me ) ones they will be ours next week.  Say a little prayer that they get the chuck shed finished. 
She seemed a very nice lady that is her in the picture with the chickens, but I liked the little ones, but SHE wanted the black hens and I am sure I heard her say she wanted a Cockerel !!!!!!!!!!  and by the sound of it he certainly can look after himself.
Can't wait to get them home and show you pictures of them.  So I suppose we will all be trooping to Cahors tomorrow to get Chicken Food and STUFF..... and STUFF and then some more...........STUFF.  Hope there is something in this for me and Buddy.

Well will keep you updated with all this but we have two new friends.  I can't remember their names they are French but aren't they just the bees knees and I have met them on the way up to Phoebe's house.  Bit different and utterly enchanting.

See you soon

A Bientot.

Hamish. XX

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