Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hamish meets a Praying Mantis.

Hi Folks

Yeh it was amazing. I must admit it was not just the Mantis that was praying, this creature is a serious predator if you are a small to medium sized insect and as I don't qualify as a large dog I made sure I kept my distance.  Gina took the photo and said it made her feel really weird because the THING was watching her.

Today has been a day of gate making, Beryl on her usual Colditz type breakouts and Jim used the new trailer to pick a load of building blocks for the new patio outside the new back door.

I managed to get a picture of the chicks just so I could show you their legs............ohhhhhhhhhhh they are all feathery .  French you know.  Very french for Marans francaises to have feathers on their legs.  But you know having said that , for all the fancy leg feathers have not seen any eggs ( oeufs ) yet ! Here is the pic of the fluffy legs... Hilarious.

The girls over the other side of town have been enjoying the sun - it has been just like summer here today. And after a really long day outside Jim & I spent the evening doing crosswords, with my new interest in the English and French languages Jim finds my help invaluable.

Well a bientot or as one of my friends says

Au reservoir...........

Hamish  XX

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hamish sees a Trailer arrive...

Hiya All

It is with some trepidation, at least I think that is the word, I watched Jim pull up with a trailer.  I have heard they put animals in them.  I wonder what is the next little wonder that will arrive.  Looked big enough to get at least 2 goats or 3 very little sheep in and I wouldn't put either of those past HER.  Buddy tells me it used to be horses that she brought home ( the days of Derbyshire ) this could be the start of something big.

Bud helped me to find pictures of  Ladmanlow Buxton  ( well one of the horses ) and oh goodness gracious me they are enormous !

This fellow Buddy says was sooooo big SHE had to get on with a set of steps!!!

Mind you she is horse mad.  I hope I get time to get used to the idea I have enough trouble with Beryl ( that is the hen with the yellow stairry eyes that pecks me when I put my nose near the fence.) she had a good day today.  They were trying to put a new gate in the secure pen where the chucks get fed ( think it is secure so that I can't get the food?)  and everytime there was a little gap she was out and legging it up the field at a rate of knots.

That is Beryl at the back the one with the brown ruff.  She is fearless, scared of nothing and an absolute scream when you see her running up the field for her life with Jim in hot pursuit.

I am sure the exercise is doing Jim good, but he keeps shouting out and waving his arms about and I am sure Beryl does not understand.

Well we shall be all out in the garden etc tomorrow the Meteo has given 25o again oh glorious weather and we may go for a little trip with Jim and Gina AND the new trailer.  Wonder what we shall put in it.

Let you know tomorrow,.  Hamish XX

I told him you don't want to put that there.  It would look much better over there.  Opps there goes Buddy.  Never stops long you know thinks if he is seen anywhere near the chickens that he will be responsible for everything that goes wrong ( he won't be it will be Beryl ) between now and Christmas.  heheheheh..  see ya.....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hamish says Monday Monday

Hiya All

It is Monday again and  today we went to Cahors.  You remember ages ago I said I would get you some pictures of Cahors I really do not understand why someone has not written a song  about it. (especially the walk along the side of the river - best smells for miles!).  Jim had a RDV with a specialist and we got a ride thats Buddy and me. Oh the picture at the top is le Pont de Valentre - something else isn't it !!

Gina took tons of photos for me and I have chosen some to show you.  This on is the avenue of Plane trees down by the River Lot. This is one of the places where you can walk down by the River Lot it's great.

This is the fountain at the bottom of the main street.  (Gina is always going on about Cahors centre being like the Cafe Quarter of Paris )  personally I have never been there, perhaps I should go?

Meanwhile back at Souleillou, it is definately autumn and all the pretty colours look lovely BUT we have to go and check the chickens again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  although what could possibly have happened to them in the last 2 hours goodness only knows.  Still I should tell you I now have increased Chicken duties the pen has been enlarged ( tell me why is there so much fuss over theses chickens?)  I have a dog basket not much bigger than a supermarket basket and limited access BUT the chickens who are getting grown up now have a pen about 1/4 of the field. !!!!  and they don't lay any eggs yet !

So, up I went and there was George and Beryl one of the jolies filles - the one with the yellow eyes she has a golden brown ruff like George and they are both a real handful and have a vicious peck .  She is fearless, bit like me really and I can handle them (so far). 

And something jumped out of the grass, was it a grasshopper, a slug, an anything bug I am not sure.  We all had a good look but it flew up and Beryl sharp as you like ate it !!!  Yeh just like that.  Might need to have a little more respect for her. I am sure I heard George say you ain't seen nothing yet.  Pheww...

So what do you think ? they are definately getting bigger, more expensive, take more of my time and I am going back down to make sure they have not nicked anything else of mine.

See y'all

People to see, places to go,  poooooo what twoddle

see ya

Hamish XX

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hi Folks

Thanks for the response to the email.  It's all quite exciting but still a long way to go. 

See ya tomorrow.



Friday, October 23, 2009

Hamish plans a visit to Phoebe's

Hi Everybody  Here is the lovely Phoebe................

Did you see all the pics on the blog yesterday?  I think I may need to make some contingency plans otherwise she might get to like that Snoops fellow just a bit too much. Gina brought some more pics back this evening.  Here is one of the future mother in law.  Good old soul really,getting on a bit now but still a game old bird.

And the bird with all the spots thats Callie ( otherwise known as Caline-french don't ya know.)  Do you remember that great advert for Boots at Christmas --- Here come the girls, well here they are.

Just had to show you this though Montcuq, it is something else isn't it even on an overcast day.  The clouds are spectacular and after an almost rain free Summer very welcome.

Talk to you after the weekend.  Things could be a bit boring this weekend Rain Rain Rain.  Bright side don't have to wait till after the garden has been watered before I get a walk....

See ya


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hamish had to stay at home today...

Hi all'

I had to stay at home today, while Gina went up to Phoebe's you remember Phoebe the classy girl with the posh chicken shed.  Well, she(Gina) popped back tonight to tell us she had met Snoop who was up there with Chris -now there is an interesting fellow, he gave Gina some pics of the farm he has and the wonderful array of animals which I will try to put in the blog for you to see.

Bit concerned about Phoebe though I know I have not been giving her quite as much attention as I should, from the pictures I guess she was having a pretty good time.  See the picture goddam it he is so COOL........................  Hope he has'nt swayed Phoebe's affections.

Looked very much as if the girls and him were having a really good time.

Cally and Snoop look like a couple of bookends.

Well now I must show you some of Chris' fab animals you are just going to love these.

I guess you will not need telling what these animals are but the pigs are Gloucester Black Spots - they are so adorable. And there are two minature goats ( in Kid) and I just know we are going to get some of these and maybe George and Lynne would like to borrow them to cut the grass ( if we run out )so maybe we will need loads !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pigs, oh the pigs and if I know Gina she is going to want some of these. Do they get on well with Westies and Greyhounds????  That big hot mama looks a bit of a handful to me.

The piglets are they just something else - I could get in that lot and really blend in.  Now a pic of the goats and just a quick photo of Chris' gorgeous children.

So there you go for today... and just in case you have forgotten what I look like here is me this morning left at home all alone with just Jim and Buddy, sleeping on Jim's favourite jacket ( wasted on him I reckon)

See ya

Hamish  XXXX

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hamish turns detective......

Hiya my friends

Well would you not know it.  It has rained steadily all day - right up to 4 o'clock.  Soon the winter will start for real when the clock goes back on Saturday.  BUT to today. I got up quite late about 11.30 and was sooooo tired that I had to have another nap on the chair before even attempted to greet the day properly.

But at 4.0'clock I went up to do the necessary and accompanied Jim on his rounds with the chicks, she was indoors phaffing about with the computer as usual.  Well quite worrying really I was sure there was one missing.  Oh my gosh one of our chickens is missing...  that sounds kind of familiar.!!!  Anyway here is what happened.

And you know I think there was .  so....
We started to hunt high and low.....
but we could find no sign.

So Jim looked round the back and I looked around the front.

Then I had a look around the back.....And then I came face to face with George who said in lowered tones.  "I think you will find there are actually 4, if you look very closely.  They all look the same to me as well ."  Well I looked and saw and there was 4.  Oh dear I was so glad that Jim had gone so I would not look so silly.  And even luckier that she was not panicking because one of the precious jolies filles were missing.
Here is the proof - but it would be easy to make that mistake would'nt it.  Well tomorrow she is going to see Phoebe the pretty dog with chickens and a posh chicken shed.  So we should have some different chickens and dogs to talk about.

See you all soon.Hamish  XX

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hamish gets into Heavy Metal.

Hi y'all

Did say I would report back about the Murder Mystery Evening.  Well I don't think I need to say too much except that it was pretty late when Buddy and I went to bed on Saturday night.  Don't think Les Jolies Filles had an awful lot of sleep either.  Photos here will try to explain as I go along.

This is Winston (don't even ask!!)  acting MajorDomo for the evening and I am thinking to myself they will never get all those people round the table.  The Theme was an AfterShow Party after a Rock Concert Performance of the Purple Roses  heheheheh  Dead Losses more like it.  Gina looked a right idiot and Jim looked just what he is an aging rocker.

This is Tom Tom the drummer (alias George) think that he actually can play the piano although no one has ever heard him.  The other guy is Floyd Plink ( alias Kevin ) The group PR man who I didn't even recognise and he kept taking in a funny way all night but everyone at the table seemed to think he was very funny.

Table looked good though didn't it. !!

See Melody Dee (Jessica) she played a blinder and next to her is Rex Guitars (Wrecks ) oh never mind took everyone about an hour to guess that one.  Does he not look like Ossie Osbourne?

Now from the right after Rex (Alistair) is Ivanna Hit (Lynne) some kind of singer did not know that these groups actually sung ! next to Lynne is Jim got a good one of him later.  Sabena  Hotlips (Jane) did a good impression of a grieving girlfriend the little glamour puss. Mike Sounds ( Mike) WAS SO CONVINCING HE ACTUALLY WAS THE MURDERER OF ZACK SABBATH WHO DID NOT MAKE AN APPEARANCE BECAUSE HE WAS DEAD.

And here he is Asa Spades (Jim) whose name degenerated all through the evening to the point where I could not possibly say what it ended up as.  What a little cracker.  If you look under the picture of the horse there is a chair belonging to Buddy and he actually got in it at some stage in the evening while MOI was under the table most of the time because as the meal got underway oh boy I had more than enough to celebrate the food that descended........

Got to go Lisa is off back to England will get some more pics when they arrive.  meanwhile Buddy and I have need to catch up on our shuteye....

Night night.



Friday, October 16, 2009

Hamish has a sleepy day....

Hiya All

Had a very quiet day today.  No chickens got out.  Jim has been cooking up new recipes for the chickens.  Gina and Lisa have been out most of today gettingSTUFF for a Murder Mystery Evening at the weekend.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo  I am going to hide behind the sofa and take pictures.  The theme is an after show Rock Party.  Seen some of the wigs - nothing quite as magnificent as mine !!!  but should be a real hoot.

So short and sweet tonight.  Will be in touch after the weekend with loadsa loadsa pics.

See ya


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hiya All

I know it is not Wednesday .  Missed a day it is now Thursday.  BUT Lisa is here and guess what I got to sleep on a soft bed.  Yeh works every time.  Chaos again with the chucks - two of the joile filles managed to get out and we had mayhem trying to get them back in.  Tell you what it is never boring around here with them about.

Had a missive from Luke and have received some pictures here of Leah who viisited  a place that had meerkats or something.  They have quite a few animals of their own  so soon will have them on the website.  Here is Leah and the pictures Luke  sent me.  Cute ain't it/she???

There you go.  Simples and if you are  looking for car insurance sorry wrong shop !!!!

See ya



Monday, October 12, 2009

Hamish likes Monday Morning.

Hi Everyone.

Bit of a hectic weekend.  New back door went in,  easy acess to the chickens.  Goodness me you would think the world revolved round the chickens.  I have been keeping a close eye on my dog food.  They seem to have everything else that used to be mine.

They really are getting quite grown up now ( the chickens that is ) and there is talk that there are another 3 hens on the way.  I really must get a hobby I am becoming quite an anorak about these poules...

Lisa arrives from England on Wednesday.  I like Lisa if I play my cards right I get to sleep on a nice soft bed while she is here  HER'S................heheheheh.

 Lisa has a cat called Gabby who has many and various health problems and one very patient owner.  Here is a picture of Lisa in her niffty little car...

Have to go early tonight as the computer has only just got back on line  and SHE wants to use it.

See ya...



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hamish nearly got the blame the whole blame and nothing but the blame.

Hiya Folks

Wish you could have been here at Souleillou this morning.  The chicks were ticed up with some food to the new chick shed and of course I was there riding shotgun and then Gina went in with the food and I thought I really should be at the front to show them around when they get in.  Well as I went past them they flew to all corners of the compass and Gina put a lead on me and took me back to the house.  But worse was to come.  She caught one of the chickens and it came straight back out of the fencing through the holes in the fencing.  She had not allowed for the fact that they are still comparitive babies and all those feathers hide very little substance underneath.

Then the fun really started.  Trying to tice them now back down to the temporary pen proves somewhat more difficult than getting them up there.  Who wants to go back to an empty pen when you can run around a great field and through inpenetrable woods?  Ben, who is really very tame allowed her to put him in the pen BUT the others were making a run for freedom !!!!!!!!!  Well it took a while, but one by one they were caught and put back till another layer of Chicken wire was added to the fence. It was now 12.30hrs and time was marching on and the clouds were gatherining on the horizon.

Well she was not taking any more chances she and Jim took them up one at a time minus 3 flight feathers on one side - just in case.  All got quite boring after that.  That started chasing snails and seemed to be enjoying themselves.  See pics.

Just a little footnote here....  See the last picture  I guess it was about 17.30 hrs and I had just got them all paying attention.  2 weeks and I will have them formation dancing. !!!!!

See ya Next Week  computer will be out till Monday New back door going in.....  See ya then