Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hamish gets into Heavy Metal.

Hi y'all

Did say I would report back about the Murder Mystery Evening.  Well I don't think I need to say too much except that it was pretty late when Buddy and I went to bed on Saturday night.  Don't think Les Jolies Filles had an awful lot of sleep either.  Photos here will try to explain as I go along.

This is Winston (don't even ask!!)  acting MajorDomo for the evening and I am thinking to myself they will never get all those people round the table.  The Theme was an AfterShow Party after a Rock Concert Performance of the Purple Roses  heheheheh  Dead Losses more like it.  Gina looked a right idiot and Jim looked just what he is an aging rocker.

This is Tom Tom the drummer (alias George) think that he actually can play the piano although no one has ever heard him.  The other guy is Floyd Plink ( alias Kevin ) The group PR man who I didn't even recognise and he kept taking in a funny way all night but everyone at the table seemed to think he was very funny.

Table looked good though didn't it. !!

See Melody Dee (Jessica) she played a blinder and next to her is Rex Guitars (Wrecks ) oh never mind took everyone about an hour to guess that one.  Does he not look like Ossie Osbourne?

Now from the right after Rex (Alistair) is Ivanna Hit (Lynne) some kind of singer did not know that these groups actually sung ! next to Lynne is Jim got a good one of him later.  Sabena  Hotlips (Jane) did a good impression of a grieving girlfriend the little glamour puss. Mike Sounds ( Mike) WAS SO CONVINCING HE ACTUALLY WAS THE MURDERER OF ZACK SABBATH WHO DID NOT MAKE AN APPEARANCE BECAUSE HE WAS DEAD.

And here he is Asa Spades (Jim) whose name degenerated all through the evening to the point where I could not possibly say what it ended up as.  What a little cracker.  If you look under the picture of the horse there is a chair belonging to Buddy and he actually got in it at some stage in the evening while MOI was under the table most of the time because as the meal got underway oh boy I had more than enough to celebrate the food that descended........

Got to go Lisa is off back to England will get some more pics when they arrive.  meanwhile Buddy and I have need to catch up on our shuteye....

Night night.



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