Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hamish had to stay at home today...

Hi all'

I had to stay at home today, while Gina went up to Phoebe's you remember Phoebe the classy girl with the posh chicken shed.  Well, she(Gina) popped back tonight to tell us she had met Snoop who was up there with Chris -now there is an interesting fellow, he gave Gina some pics of the farm he has and the wonderful array of animals which I will try to put in the blog for you to see.

Bit concerned about Phoebe though I know I have not been giving her quite as much attention as I should, from the pictures I guess she was having a pretty good time.  See the picture goddam it he is so COOL........................  Hope he has'nt swayed Phoebe's affections.

Looked very much as if the girls and him were having a really good time.

Cally and Snoop look like a couple of bookends.

Well now I must show you some of Chris' fab animals you are just going to love these.

I guess you will not need telling what these animals are but the pigs are Gloucester Black Spots - they are so adorable. And there are two minature goats ( in Kid) and I just know we are going to get some of these and maybe George and Lynne would like to borrow them to cut the grass ( if we run out )so maybe we will need loads !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pigs, oh the pigs and if I know Gina she is going to want some of these. Do they get on well with Westies and Greyhounds????  That big hot mama looks a bit of a handful to me.

The piglets are they just something else - I could get in that lot and really blend in.  Now a pic of the goats and just a quick photo of Chris' gorgeous children.

So there you go for today... and just in case you have forgotten what I look like here is me this morning left at home all alone with just Jim and Buddy, sleeping on Jim's favourite jacket ( wasted on him I reckon)

See ya

Hamish  XXXX

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