Friday, October 2, 2009

Hamish is back at Work

Buddy   JUST WOKE HIM UP  !!!

Hiya ~Everyone.

Had a great time on hols. Bit exhausting but life is not for sleeping is it ???  Althought sometimes when I look at Buddy I think it might be.

The Chicken Chateau is coming on a treat and I have made all my necessary building checks and apart from the fact that up to today the chucks can get in the shed but not out everything looks grand.  See photos.  ( I looked really hard but I could not see where they would be able to get out. Perhaps he'll do that tomorrow.)

"I'M GOING IN !!!!!!!"  inside looks quite smart actually got a proper floor walls etc...

Well now let's have a look outside. 

I tried so hard to get his attention but there humans they expect you TALK to them !!!!  Oh well I will go on my own.

Expect will get on better by myself.....

Well even if there was an entrance there they would have to be ostriches to  jump up and down this channel. I wonder can they fly yet ?  Come to think of it I have not seen any of these famous eggs yet. 

Well as they say in all the best circles   Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...  I love running down the field.


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