Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hamish is excited about the new SHED !!

Hi everyone

Hope you had a good weekend.  We are moving ever forward towards completion of this ere chicken shed.  Sad news one of les jolies filles has died.  We think maybe she had a dodgey hip which did not really show up till she got a bit bigger.   BUT everyone else is fit and well and when we move them up to the new place the rumour is Gina will get some more  !!!!  OOOOOwwwwww  ... 

Here are the latest pics. And yes the little darlings will be able to get in and out I know because I tried it.

I reckon if I can get in and out the chickens should be able to even if they get as  big as turkeys and they are getting bigger !!!!!!

I have inspected inside and the nesting boxes look quite comfortable.  5 of them so goodness only knows how many chickens we will end up with.  Heard Gina say to Jim that you can't eat someone you actually get to know so I will be OK won't I.....

Yesterday and today Gina has let the chicks out around the temporary pen and given them the run of down the side of the house by the little gardening shed and you should see the mess they have made of her pots.  She has loads of little pots with cuttings in etc and they have actually been IN them digging. 

Oww good job she likes chickens.  Heard her singing away while she was cleaning out the temp shed.  Is she mad or what?  Been 27o here today oh I love it here....... 

Talk to you all tomorrow.  You can always contact me by my email or on the comment box on this blog.

Hamish.  XX

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