Monday, October 12, 2009

Hamish likes Monday Morning.

Hi Everyone.

Bit of a hectic weekend.  New back door went in,  easy acess to the chickens.  Goodness me you would think the world revolved round the chickens.  I have been keeping a close eye on my dog food.  They seem to have everything else that used to be mine.

They really are getting quite grown up now ( the chickens that is ) and there is talk that there are another 3 hens on the way.  I really must get a hobby I am becoming quite an anorak about these poules...

Lisa arrives from England on Wednesday.  I like Lisa if I play my cards right I get to sleep on a nice soft bed while she is here  HER'S................heheheheh.

 Lisa has a cat called Gabby who has many and various health problems and one very patient owner.  Here is a picture of Lisa in her niffty little car...

Have to go early tonight as the computer has only just got back on line  and SHE wants to use it.

See ya...



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