Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hamish makes the final inspections....

Hi y'all

This was us, me and Jim when she swanned off to go for 2 hours of jolification at a French Language class.  Well someone has to get on with the chick shed cos' they are going in in the morning.  Weather says may have a thunderstorm in the afternoon so they will go in early to get used to their new and very posh home.  The food trough is fixed so no more kicking it all round the pen and stepping over each other.

The pen built on is for a holding secure pen and they will have the run of the garden when the rest is fenced .  That should be Summer 2010 at the latest !!!!!!

So here are the pics for today.  Fence inspection proved unecessary as Ms Renard will have big problems trying to get in here.

Got Gina to take these photos before she disappeared over the horizon because although Jim's legs I know are much admired I thought you might like to see his face.  He is a busy bod and the proof of the pudding will be tomorrow.

Can't wait to see how the chicks like the new pad.  Will take loadsa photos.

When the chicks are in I am going to make a note of how we prepare and cook the chicks food and put the recipe on here..  This should be a hoot.  Edward Lear springs to mind....

See ya

Hamish  XX

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