Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hamish meets a Praying Mantis.

Hi Folks

Yeh it was amazing. I must admit it was not just the Mantis that was praying, this creature is a serious predator if you are a small to medium sized insect and as I don't qualify as a large dog I made sure I kept my distance.  Gina took the photo and said it made her feel really weird because the THING was watching her.

Today has been a day of gate making, Beryl on her usual Colditz type breakouts and Jim used the new trailer to pick a load of building blocks for the new patio outside the new back door.

I managed to get a picture of the chicks just so I could show you their legs............ohhhhhhhhhhh they are all feathery .  French you know.  Very french for Marans francaises to have feathers on their legs.  But you know having said that , for all the fancy leg feathers have not seen any eggs ( oeufs ) yet ! Here is the pic of the fluffy legs... Hilarious.

The girls over the other side of town have been enjoying the sun - it has been just like summer here today. And after a really long day outside Jim & I spent the evening doing crosswords, with my new interest in the English and French languages Jim finds my help invaluable.

Well a bientot or as one of my friends says

Au reservoir...........

Hamish  XX

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