Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hamish nearly got the blame the whole blame and nothing but the blame.

Hiya Folks

Wish you could have been here at Souleillou this morning.  The chicks were ticed up with some food to the new chick shed and of course I was there riding shotgun and then Gina went in with the food and I thought I really should be at the front to show them around when they get in.  Well as I went past them they flew to all corners of the compass and Gina put a lead on me and took me back to the house.  But worse was to come.  She caught one of the chickens and it came straight back out of the fencing through the holes in the fencing.  She had not allowed for the fact that they are still comparitive babies and all those feathers hide very little substance underneath.

Then the fun really started.  Trying to tice them now back down to the temporary pen proves somewhat more difficult than getting them up there.  Who wants to go back to an empty pen when you can run around a great field and through inpenetrable woods?  Ben, who is really very tame allowed her to put him in the pen BUT the others were making a run for freedom !!!!!!!!!  Well it took a while, but one by one they were caught and put back till another layer of Chicken wire was added to the fence. It was now 12.30hrs and time was marching on and the clouds were gatherining on the horizon.

Well she was not taking any more chances she and Jim took them up one at a time minus 3 flight feathers on one side - just in case.  All got quite boring after that.  That started chasing snails and seemed to be enjoying themselves.  See pics.

Just a little footnote here....  See the last picture  I guess it was about 17.30 hrs and I had just got them all paying attention.  2 weeks and I will have them formation dancing. !!!!!

See ya Next Week  computer will be out till Monday New back door going in.....  See ya then


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