Friday, October 23, 2009

Hamish plans a visit to Phoebe's

Hi Everybody  Here is the lovely Phoebe................

Did you see all the pics on the blog yesterday?  I think I may need to make some contingency plans otherwise she might get to like that Snoops fellow just a bit too much. Gina brought some more pics back this evening.  Here is one of the future mother in law.  Good old soul really,getting on a bit now but still a game old bird.

And the bird with all the spots thats Callie ( otherwise known as Caline-french don't ya know.)  Do you remember that great advert for Boots at Christmas --- Here come the girls, well here they are.

Just had to show you this though Montcuq, it is something else isn't it even on an overcast day.  The clouds are spectacular and after an almost rain free Summer very welcome.

Talk to you after the weekend.  Things could be a bit boring this weekend Rain Rain Rain.  Bright side don't have to wait till after the garden has been watered before I get a walk....

See ya


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