Monday, October 26, 2009

Hamish says Monday Monday

Hiya All

It is Monday again and  today we went to Cahors.  You remember ages ago I said I would get you some pictures of Cahors I really do not understand why someone has not written a song  about it. (especially the walk along the side of the river - best smells for miles!).  Jim had a RDV with a specialist and we got a ride thats Buddy and me. Oh the picture at the top is le Pont de Valentre - something else isn't it !!

Gina took tons of photos for me and I have chosen some to show you.  This on is the avenue of Plane trees down by the River Lot. This is one of the places where you can walk down by the River Lot it's great.

This is the fountain at the bottom of the main street.  (Gina is always going on about Cahors centre being like the Cafe Quarter of Paris )  personally I have never been there, perhaps I should go?

Meanwhile back at Souleillou, it is definately autumn and all the pretty colours look lovely BUT we have to go and check the chickens again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  although what could possibly have happened to them in the last 2 hours goodness only knows.  Still I should tell you I now have increased Chicken duties the pen has been enlarged ( tell me why is there so much fuss over theses chickens?)  I have a dog basket not much bigger than a supermarket basket and limited access BUT the chickens who are getting grown up now have a pen about 1/4 of the field. !!!!  and they don't lay any eggs yet !

So, up I went and there was George and Beryl one of the jolies filles - the one with the yellow eyes she has a golden brown ruff like George and they are both a real handful and have a vicious peck .  She is fearless, bit like me really and I can handle them (so far). 

And something jumped out of the grass, was it a grasshopper, a slug, an anything bug I am not sure.  We all had a good look but it flew up and Beryl sharp as you like ate it !!!  Yeh just like that.  Might need to have a little more respect for her. I am sure I heard George say you ain't seen nothing yet.  Pheww...

So what do you think ? they are definately getting bigger, more expensive, take more of my time and I am going back down to make sure they have not nicked anything else of mine.

See y'all

People to see, places to go,  poooooo what twoddle

see ya

Hamish XX

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Dree said...

Dear Hamish,

You look as if you live a wonderfully intersting and active life - and how clever to employ such a brilliant photographer!

Love, Dree