Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hamish sees a Trailer arrive...

Hiya All

It is with some trepidation, at least I think that is the word, I watched Jim pull up with a trailer.  I have heard they put animals in them.  I wonder what is the next little wonder that will arrive.  Looked big enough to get at least 2 goats or 3 very little sheep in and I wouldn't put either of those past HER.  Buddy tells me it used to be horses that she brought home ( the days of Derbyshire ) this could be the start of something big.

Bud helped me to find pictures of  Ladmanlow Buxton  ( well one of the horses ) and oh goodness gracious me they are enormous !

This fellow Buddy says was sooooo big SHE had to get on with a set of steps!!!

Mind you she is horse mad.  I hope I get time to get used to the idea I have enough trouble with Beryl ( that is the hen with the yellow stairry eyes that pecks me when I put my nose near the fence.) she had a good day today.  They were trying to put a new gate in the secure pen where the chucks get fed ( think it is secure so that I can't get the food?)  and everytime there was a little gap she was out and legging it up the field at a rate of knots.

That is Beryl at the back the one with the brown ruff.  She is fearless, scared of nothing and an absolute scream when you see her running up the field for her life with Jim in hot pursuit.

I am sure the exercise is doing Jim good, but he keeps shouting out and waving his arms about and I am sure Beryl does not understand.

Well we shall be all out in the garden etc tomorrow the Meteo has given 25o again oh glorious weather and we may go for a little trip with Jim and Gina AND the new trailer.  Wonder what we shall put in it.

Let you know tomorrow,.  Hamish XX

I told him you don't want to put that there.  It would look much better over there.  Opps there goes Buddy.  Never stops long you know thinks if he is seen anywhere near the chickens that he will be responsible for everything that goes wrong ( he won't be it will be Beryl ) between now and Christmas.  heheheheh..  see ya.....

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