Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hamish turns detective......

Hiya my friends

Well would you not know it.  It has rained steadily all day - right up to 4 o'clock.  Soon the winter will start for real when the clock goes back on Saturday.  BUT to today. I got up quite late about 11.30 and was sooooo tired that I had to have another nap on the chair before even attempted to greet the day properly.

But at 4.0'clock I went up to do the necessary and accompanied Jim on his rounds with the chicks, she was indoors phaffing about with the computer as usual.  Well quite worrying really I was sure there was one missing.  Oh my gosh one of our chickens is missing...  that sounds kind of familiar.!!!  Anyway here is what happened.

And you know I think there was .  so....
We started to hunt high and low.....
but we could find no sign.

So Jim looked round the back and I looked around the front.

Then I had a look around the back.....And then I came face to face with George who said in lowered tones.  "I think you will find there are actually 4, if you look very closely.  They all look the same to me as well ."  Well I looked and saw and there was 4.  Oh dear I was so glad that Jim had gone so I would not look so silly.  And even luckier that she was not panicking because one of the precious jolies filles were missing.
Here is the proof - but it would be easy to make that mistake would'nt it.  Well tomorrow she is going to see Phoebe the pretty dog with chickens and a posh chicken shed.  So we should have some different chickens and dogs to talk about.

See you all soon.Hamish  XX

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