Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hiya All

I know it is not Wednesday .  Missed a day it is now Thursday.  BUT Lisa is here and guess what I got to sleep on a soft bed.  Yeh works every time.  Chaos again with the chucks - two of the joile filles managed to get out and we had mayhem trying to get them back in.  Tell you what it is never boring around here with them about.

Had a missive from Luke and have received some pictures here of Leah who viisited  a place that had meerkats or something.  They have quite a few animals of their own  so soon will have them on the website.  Here is Leah and the pictures Luke  sent me.  Cute ain't it/she???

There you go.  Simples and if you are  looking for car insurance sorry wrong shop !!!!

See ya



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