Friday, November 27, 2009

Hamish - I will be home soon.

Hiya all

This is Gina using HAMISH'S blog without his permission to get a message back to the homestead in Lot France where yes I know it is sunny and bright!!!!!  The weather in England is predictably grey and unsettled BUT I have been to a brilliant exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in London a SPECTACULAR exhibition of Anish Kapoor's work. 

Really inspirational and if you have never seen his work and are even remotely interested you should see it.  It is very inspiring and confronting in a lot of ways.  Loved the block 30 tons of it, of red wax that wove it's way throught 5 galleries like some giant red glacier or continental plate.  AMAZING...  Look him up on the internet.  WONDERFUL......

Sorry can't pass on any pics I am not the Hamish computer but will be back in France and back in business on Monday , not sure what time long way by car.  BUT found this on Lisa's pic's from her visit to Aussie earlier this year.  The dog is Mr Darcy and the lady in the pyjamas is Sue on their new verandah in Peel.  Hopefully Sue will not see herself on the internet don't think she would be amused but we love her any way she comes.  When she sends us pics of Waka and Bolly I will post them here and Hamish can catch up with is two best mates in Australia.

See you soon


Monday, November 16, 2009

Hamish keeps out of trouble....

Hi y'all

Oh boy has this week been busy.  Gina is on the computer ALL the time can't get to it to do the blog. AND I have had to do loads of begging to get her to take pictures.  That pair of reprobates at the top are the two alpacas don't they have great faces !!!!!!  I call the big black fella Rocky because he dodges and weaves like a boxer ( you know the one called Stallone ).

And I have also got a picture of where they live out in the netherlands of the Lot.  We have a couple of really good days recently weatherwise and although things may look peaceful from the outside INSIDE the place is humming.  Gina has been doing tons of work on the book  MY BOOK... and I heard her scream the other day Eureka and honestly I swear it wasn't me I am very religious about my house manners.  There has been stuff in the post and much excitement and I can't begin to tell you how many pictures she has taken of me.  She has also bought a beret - think is it is probably going to end up on my head.  BUT red and black I don't think so......  Anyway here is a pic of the homestead on a cold November day in the Lot. 

See told you it was great here.  Buddy has had a dodgy nose and had to go to the Vet's .  Personally I think he has been stuffing it where he shouldn't and that is not anywhere near the chickens because he walks up to the pen and runs like mad till he is out of sight of them and the daft thing is they all run after him because they think he is going to feed them eheheheh.  Still he has a nasty sore on his lower lip and I am keeping well clear cos I don't want one.

Have you seen the new addition to the blog, I just could not resist putting all these luverly puppies in the blog aren't they just gorgeous.

Will hopefully be on the blog tomorrow but I think we are doing photo shoots for the book so hey diddly dee we shall see.

See ya



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hamish is on a Rescue Mission.....

This is a bit like the Potters Wheel on the BBC .  Do you remember that?  Hamish has been called away on a rescue mission so sorry no blog tonight.

But he will  be back tomorrow

Hamish's secretary.

He's just got back had his dinner and gone to sleep !!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hamish goes to the country.....

Hi my friends.

We have had rain rain rain and then we had more rain.  BUT Gina did go to see the Alpacas on strict instructions to bring back photos and here they are.  ( She won't let me go near them after the episode with the chickens - I thought I was helping honest !)  Don't they live in just the most beautiful place.  The other two that are usually there in at their boyfriends for a while yet so the other GIRLS will be increasing the flock soon.

These are the mushrooms that are springing up all over the place at the moment I was going to eat one but I felt this overpowering urge to NOT eat one when Gina gently !!! put her foot behind me.  Just for you to see I got her to post on the blog a picture of Montcuq from on high.  It is a great place.  We all walked down to La Poste this evening to post yet another letter to CPAM and do you know  ( it was about 5.0'clock ) there were still people having coffee outside the Cafe du Centre.  Oh the life, the jolification it never stops here you know.

Beautiful isn't it?  And that is when the weather is wet cold and dreary.  It is paradise when the sun shines as well and it does that most of the time.

I am going to put a couple of pics on here of some of our Friends ( known them for ever ) from the uplands of the Peak District. Congratulations to you all on the birth of the new baby.  Also love to Leanna who has the wigglyist legs in the world.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  XXX


XX  Keep getting well Rick.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hi Everyone

How are you all?  All at Bonfire Parties ( Buddy and I are almost deaf now so fireworks are not much of an issue here) or are they all taking place at the weekend?

Watched the Dog Whisperer tonight on the Tele.  He was helping this dog who had all sorts of issues and he had trouble keeping his tail up in the air.  You should have seen the contraption to assist him keeping it beyond the bum line - I am going to make sure that I carry it in a seemly manner all the time now.  AND she was watching very closely at the walking machine.  OOOOOOhhhhh  hope that does'nt take on here.  Need plenty of sleep at my time of life.

Found some pics of a certain night in Sauzet when we had fireworks at Rick and Bev's ( they had a dalmation - Isabel, you know the one that looks like spotted dick pudding ) it was great and no one got scared.

This is the gang at Sauzet.  Rick, Isabel, Gina, Liz, Denise, and Bev at the front.

Seriously folks we had a fab evening, enjoy yours and keep safe.  The dogs and cats etc ( even chickens ) might not be quite as enthusiastic about the fireworks.
See ya


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hamish has a day indoors.....

Hi y'all

Been sat at home all day today cos them have been out shopping.  Building stuff again - I think.  So I have been looking throught the photos of Josh and Grace.  Thought you might like a look.  Josh is a mate.  He visits France in much the same way that I make visits around the world.  But his reason for doing it is because his granma and grandad live in France in Tarn and Garonne. ( just up the road from us )  Here are some pics of him and his sister Grace.

So what do you think? Is he incy wincy spider or what?  She has just got to be the bad fairy !!!  Oh and she is soooo pretty toooo.  Now the next picture who do you think this is.  No names cos he will kill me when he sees it on here.

I ask you still playing trains at his age !!!!  Well there could be a lot going on tomorrow judging by all the gear that they came back with.  Now shall we have a competition?   How much do you think is for the chickens and how much is for Buddy and me.


Hamish XX

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hamish is hard at work.....

Hi all

It is I LeClerc.... I 'ave been assisting Gina on the new book  Hamish goes to Australia.  There you are I 'ave said it..  Lots of great ideas after talking to Sue and Ross on the phone to Australia.  So SHE has been writing like mad and there has not been much time for a long blog.
That's them in the picture when they came to Souleillou.

You want to see their pad in Aus. wow and I am going there soon.  That is if I can find the passport.

Little picture of their pad in Peel NSW.  So this is a quickie will make more effort tomorrow if I can drag her away from her writing for long enough.

Just time to post some pics of the chucks with the feathers on their legs.  Here are a few....



Monday, November 2, 2009

Hamish sees the Deux Jours de Montcuq Winner

Hi Everyone

This is Snoop ( remember Snoop with the sunglasses - flash fellow ) with the Delilah the MAMA pig.
Even I am impressed must be a very brave dog !!
Couldn't resist putting this picture in.

What an amazing weekend.  We saw the first man in on Sunday 2nd day of the Deux Jours de Montcuq.  See the picture at the top of the blog - you can just see me and Jim behind him and the horse on the corner there.

We ,that is Buddy and I, had a great conversation with one of the lady stewards.  What a lovely lady got loads of attention.  Here are a few more photos of the finishing horses.

Hey just noticed my special mate Josh is on the followers.  Saw the pics of you and Grace they are pretty good.    What do you think of these Josh - I was looking under the bay bush at the front of the house for snails for les jolies filles and I did not know Gina was taking pictures of me.  What we do for these chickens.  Next time you come I am hoping they will be making a contribution to the household budget like some eggs eh !!!
I have been working on trying to get some really good pictures of the chickens feathery legs so tomorrow I shall put some in.
Well that is the last of the horses see that red bridle now that is a bit different Gina says she has NEVER seen a RED bridle.    Sleep tight Josh and Grace.  How is Ruby? are you still reading the blog?

Talk to you all tomorrow.


PS Gina is going to see the Alpacas tomorrow.  Perhaps we can have some pictures of Rocky ?