Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hamish has a day indoors.....

Hi y'all

Been sat at home all day today cos them have been out shopping.  Building stuff again - I think.  So I have been looking throught the photos of Josh and Grace.  Thought you might like a look.  Josh is a mate.  He visits France in much the same way that I make visits around the world.  But his reason for doing it is because his granma and grandad live in France in Tarn and Garonne. ( just up the road from us )  Here are some pics of him and his sister Grace.

So what do you think? Is he incy wincy spider or what?  She has just got to be the bad fairy !!!  Oh and she is soooo pretty toooo.  Now the next picture who do you think this is.  No names cos he will kill me when he sees it on here.

I ask you still playing trains at his age !!!!  Well there could be a lot going on tomorrow judging by all the gear that they came back with.  Now shall we have a competition?   How much do you think is for the chickens and how much is for Buddy and me.


Hamish XX

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