Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hamish is hard at work.....

Hi all

It is I LeClerc.... I 'ave been assisting Gina on the new book  Hamish goes to Australia.  There you are I 'ave said it..  Lots of great ideas after talking to Sue and Ross on the phone to Australia.  So SHE has been writing like mad and there has not been much time for a long blog.
That's them in the picture when they came to Souleillou.

You want to see their pad in Aus. wow and I am going there soon.  That is if I can find the passport.

Little picture of their pad in Peel NSW.  So this is a quickie will make more effort tomorrow if I can drag her away from her writing for long enough.

Just time to post some pics of the chucks with the feathers on their legs.  Here are a few....



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