Monday, November 16, 2009

Hamish keeps out of trouble....

Hi y'all

Oh boy has this week been busy.  Gina is on the computer ALL the time can't get to it to do the blog. AND I have had to do loads of begging to get her to take pictures.  That pair of reprobates at the top are the two alpacas don't they have great faces !!!!!!  I call the big black fella Rocky because he dodges and weaves like a boxer ( you know the one called Stallone ).

And I have also got a picture of where they live out in the netherlands of the Lot.  We have a couple of really good days recently weatherwise and although things may look peaceful from the outside INSIDE the place is humming.  Gina has been doing tons of work on the book  MY BOOK... and I heard her scream the other day Eureka and honestly I swear it wasn't me I am very religious about my house manners.  There has been stuff in the post and much excitement and I can't begin to tell you how many pictures she has taken of me.  She has also bought a beret - think is it is probably going to end up on my head.  BUT red and black I don't think so......  Anyway here is a pic of the homestead on a cold November day in the Lot. 

See told you it was great here.  Buddy has had a dodgy nose and had to go to the Vet's .  Personally I think he has been stuffing it where he shouldn't and that is not anywhere near the chickens because he walks up to the pen and runs like mad till he is out of sight of them and the daft thing is they all run after him because they think he is going to feed them eheheheh.  Still he has a nasty sore on his lower lip and I am keeping well clear cos I don't want one.

Have you seen the new addition to the blog, I just could not resist putting all these luverly puppies in the blog aren't they just gorgeous.

Will hopefully be on the blog tomorrow but I think we are doing photo shoots for the book so hey diddly dee we shall see.

See ya



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