Friday, November 27, 2009

Hamish - I will be home soon.

Hiya all

This is Gina using HAMISH'S blog without his permission to get a message back to the homestead in Lot France where yes I know it is sunny and bright!!!!!  The weather in England is predictably grey and unsettled BUT I have been to a brilliant exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in London a SPECTACULAR exhibition of Anish Kapoor's work. 

Really inspirational and if you have never seen his work and are even remotely interested you should see it.  It is very inspiring and confronting in a lot of ways.  Loved the block 30 tons of it, of red wax that wove it's way throught 5 galleries like some giant red glacier or continental plate.  AMAZING...  Look him up on the internet.  WONDERFUL......

Sorry can't pass on any pics I am not the Hamish computer but will be back in France and back in business on Monday , not sure what time long way by car.  BUT found this on Lisa's pic's from her visit to Aussie earlier this year.  The dog is Mr Darcy and the lady in the pyjamas is Sue on their new verandah in Peel.  Hopefully Sue will not see herself on the internet don't think she would be amused but we love her any way she comes.  When she sends us pics of Waka and Bolly I will post them here and Hamish can catch up with is two best mates in Australia.

See you soon


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