Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hi Everyone

How are you all?  All at Bonfire Parties ( Buddy and I are almost deaf now so fireworks are not much of an issue here) or are they all taking place at the weekend?

Watched the Dog Whisperer tonight on the Tele.  He was helping this dog who had all sorts of issues and he had trouble keeping his tail up in the air.  You should have seen the contraption to assist him keeping it beyond the bum line - I am going to make sure that I carry it in a seemly manner all the time now.  AND she was watching very closely at the walking machine.  OOOOOOhhhhh  hope that does'nt take on here.  Need plenty of sleep at my time of life.

Found some pics of a certain night in Sauzet when we had fireworks at Rick and Bev's ( they had a dalmation - Isabel, you know the one that looks like spotted dick pudding ) it was great and no one got scared.

This is the gang at Sauzet.  Rick, Isabel, Gina, Liz, Denise, and Bev at the front.

Seriously folks we had a fab evening, enjoy yours and keep safe.  The dogs and cats etc ( even chickens ) might not be quite as enthusiastic about the fireworks.
See ya


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