Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hamish and co have yet another day off.

Hi Everyone.

Gina is still a bit under the weather but I have persuaded her to do a video of the chickens. Apparently if the lady chickens mature ( which ours have ) at this time of year they are not going to produce eggs until the daylight hours get longer. HENCE no eggs yet, really healthy looking chickens - fabulous - but no EGGS yet .
Think you get the message.

Still never mind, won't be long and they should be strong as oxes when they do. Here is the little video.It really is hilarious when you see them running around after each other's bit of spaghetti I have to say we do not serve bolognese with this and it is best Wheat SPAGHETTI. no eggs whatsoever involved.It has also been yet another glorious day in Quercy Blanc, don't you just love that name,and the bulbs in the garden are peeping through getting ready for the spring, so there you go we are off again on another year. Sorry no spaghetti on the video that one was toooooooooooo long this is a little on and with any luck It should load OK.

While the video is loading, I would like to mention that I have not had a walk for 2 days, I have been round that field till I am dizzy - Hope she gets better soon.The video was too long as well so here is a photo or two.

I am not too keen on the new Blog writing facilities why do things always change when you have got used to them? Incidently Ben looks as if he may have a been doing a dance here. Which dance who knows ???




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