Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hamish fights for the right to get his food.

Hi Folks

Oh boy is Buddy better.  He keeps pushing in at dinnertime and I think all this enforced rest has made him little Mr Pushy !!!!

Jim says he is getting above himself he certainly is getting over and above me.

She went to the hospital today for some Xrays of the breathing appartatus and she looked pretty please so I guess all is OK.  She was going on about the Christmas lights in Cahors apparently they are fan dabby dosie.  Well I might not be a Crankie but I am a Scot.

Here is a pic of moi.  Just had a bath and trim and settling down for a spot of footie.  This is obviously Arsenal because as you can see it is A*** Venger with the hump.

Not a good day for Arsenal.  Now some backdated stuff.  While in England SHE met a rabbit - a very special rabbit.  She is called Carmen and is a house rabbit.  Diane, Gina's sister aquired her because she was not so good had seriously dodgey teeth.  Diane had them removed and now Carmen can run around the house because she can't chew anything.  Here is a pic of the little darling.  Funny thing was the Grandmother, whose is getting a bit past it, thinks it is a cat and everytime it jumps up onto her lap she yells out, "Get this cat off my lap!"  Then a few minutes later says she has saved some chicken for the "cat" - Diane yells back " It's rabbit it doesn't eat chicken."  To which the grandmother replies, "OK, give it some gravy then !!!"  Scary ain't it.......  But Carmen is beautiful and very friendly..

So till we meet again.  Hope things will be back to normal soon.  By the way the chickens are fine, George has gone to a good home he and Ben were growing very rapidly and there is not the facility for 2 cockerels but George is assured a long and pleasant life in Lot and Garonne.



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diane180 said...

ah, only just seen that blog Hamish, I am so pleased she let you see a picture of Carmen, she is a real sweetie, but a devil when I have to put her back in the hutch each night. Bye for now Hamish.