Friday, December 18, 2009

Hamish is Snowbound

Hi Everyone
I guess you get the picture. The only time we went outside today was when it was absolutely necessary. Gina went to the docs ( seems all is OK) and a couple of quick visits up to the chickens. Quite funny story though. When Jim and I went up this morning to let out les jolies filles it was whiteout and the first chicken put a foot out and then put it back in again, then tried to reach the food by stretching...... in the end Jim made a space in the shed and they had breakfast in bed!!!!!!!!!!!! Came out for a quick sortie ( see how fluent I am now in french!) when the sun came out then straight back to the shed. Don't think they like snow.
Feel sorry for me mates in Angleterre I hear the snow there is pretty serious and about to get more serious. Keep warm and snug everyone. See you after the weekend.